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Exorcisms & Demonic Cases / Remote Viewing

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In the first half, minister and spiritual warrior Bill Bean reported on severe demonic cases, exorcisms, and his latest research and experiences. He recalled some of the demonic forces that terrorized his family back in the 1970s, and how an angelic being saved his mother from some of the attacks. Curiously, the angelic manifestation took the exact same form as his mother, he revealed. On an occasion when Bean brought friends into his home, one of the kids became pinned by an invisible force, and his feet were some six inches off the floor, he recounted. In general, demonic forces are more likely to break through when someone is in a highly inebriated or drugged state, as they are more susceptible then, he indicated.

He outlined the case of Caleb Weaver, who was said to be fully possessed. Before he went to conduct an exorcism on him, Bean said that "God showed me a vision...that this young man was going to try and stab me," so they ended up tying his hands before conducting the ritual. As he sprinkled holy water, Weaver spit back at him. His face began to transform, and a substance like "black garbage" spewed from his mouth. In a different exorcism Bean recently performed on another young man, there were also facial changes, he noted. "His cheeks became pointed...and as I was binding and rebuking and casting the demons out...they came out through his head." As the malevolent spirits exited, the odd triangular-shape of his face reverted to normal, Bean said.


In the latter half, Paul H. Smith, who served for seven years in the government's Star Gate remote viewing psychic espionage program, shared updates and recollections on remote viewing and dowsing. The CIA was motivated to pursue psychic spying to keep up with the Russians as it was known they were spending a great deal of money on paranormal research. Yet, conversely, the Russians reportedly became interested in the psychic arena after they learned the Americans had used ESP to communicate with one of their submarines, Smith cited. It is somewhat of a misconception to consider Star Gate a CIA project, he continued, as when John Deutch took over the organization, he was biased against remote viewing, and quickly canceled the covert program.

Smith recalled the time he was tasked with remote viewing the moon. He described underground artificial structures, and felt the curious sensation that one of the lunar occupants was aware of him. Smith perceived a shaft coming up from the cavern, and vehicles were flying in and out of it. During this project, legendary remote viewer Ingo Swann was tasked with the same target and reported and sketched very similar things. Possibly this was a case of "telepathic overlay," when remote viewers read each other's minds, Smith conceded. He also talked about his dowsing practice (the inverse of remote viewing, in which the object is known but the location is not) and how he successfully found a misplaced box of teddy bears out of hundreds of boxes.

News segment guests: Dr. Peter Breggin, Steve Kates

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