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Investigating Haunted Homes / Open Lines

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Veteran paranormal investigators and experiencers Tonya and Joey Madia joined guest host Richard Syrett (Twitter) to share the details of the haunted homes in which they've lived. They also spoke about their investigation of The Webb Memorial Public Library in Morehead City, North Carolina, where they conducted paranormal research, along with several hundred other investigators, from 2016 through 2018. The experience led them to create the Paranormal Bill of Rights. The first guiding principle states: Entities and locations are not specimens or attractions to be examined or disturbed at our whim for our amusement or to satisfy our curiosity. "These are people without bodies, they have clear personalities, they're sentient, they're intelligent... it's disrespectful to the ghosts and the spirits," Joey said.

Tonya described her experiences living in a haunted rental house in Mesa, Arizona with her sons (before she met Joey). After moving in she began having nightmares about invading demonic entities, her eldest complained of seeing a hag-like woman in the basement, and her youngest son was found face down on the lower level as if something invisible had pinned him to the floor. He blamed a "scary witch" for the incident, Tonya revealed. The final experience which caused them to move out was when Tonya felt breath and heard a cackle in her ear. "As we went down the stairs we moved through something palpable... I've never experienced anything like that before or since," she recalled.

The two reported on their experiences living together as a blended family in an apartment in Brick Township, New Jersey—a place they credit with getting their start as investigators. According to Joey, there was a foul body odor smell in their sons' room. After disciplining them to wash better, he noticed the smell did not go away and, in fact, moved around the apartment when the boys where at school. The Madia's baby daughter described seeing a man sitting on the sofa (who they could not see), and they came to dub their malodorous roommate, Smelly Man. Joey also covered the four stages of a haunting (manifestation, infestation, oppression, possession), the difference between ghosts and spirits (spirits have crossed over), and estimated 85 to 90 percent of the entities they encounter during investigations are ghosts.


Open Lines followed in the latter half of the program. Kevin in North Bay, Ontario, Canada, told Richard about 13-year-old hockey player Noah Dugas, who recently passed away after losing his battle with a brain clot. According to Kevin, EA Sports has decided to honor Dugas by making him a playable character in the latest edition of its NHL video game franchise. Carl from Boston phoned in to talk about interdimensional travel. He pondered about the benefits of portals to other dimensions, and wondered if people would take the interdimensional plunge if they could never come back to their home dimension.

Jim in Connecticut described a bizarre experience he has been having for the past several months. Apparently, whenever Jim and his roommate are at home together Jim hears chatter that sounds like his roommate, but it is not discernible and it is not his roommate making the sound. "I believe they call it a mimic but I've never experienced something like that before," Jim said. Richard recommended using a voice activated recorder and taking notes about the experiences whenever they occur.

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