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Experiencing Time Slips / Growing Up Psychic

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In the first half, author Von Braschler joined guest host Richard Syrett (Twitter) to discuss the experience of time shifts—sudden slips into the past or future. According to Braschler, time is not physical and therefore cannot be traversed within a physical time travel device. He compared time to consciousness, energy, and thought, noting it is beyond our linear thinking and five senses. "It is like we're floating in an ocean on part of an iceberg... we only see what we see, we only experience the place where we sit," Braschler said, adding time is looped and never-ending.

"If we were to alter our consciousness to think outside of this time and space, we could move along [another] time line," he continued. Most time slips happen accidentally, when someone enters into a heightened state of consciousness and tunes out this world, Braschler explained. Experiencers report witnessing things in the past but cannot interact with anyone or their surroundings. He mentioned the case of two women who unwittingly wandered into a garden party at Versailles and saw Marie Antoinette sketching, as well as shamen who go back in time to listen (but not interact with) their forefathers. Braschler revealed most time shifts happen approaching dusk in late afternoon during late summer or early fall, and when the person has a shift in consciousness that allows him or her to observe with awareness instead of perception.


During the second half of the program, Michael Bodine talked about what it was like growing up psychic in a family of psychics. He recalled unusual childhood experiences that started the family down the path to embracing their psychic heritage. On one occasion his cousin was in the basement playing drums when a man materialized through the wall and floated in front of him. The cousin was so shaken he did not want to talk about it, Bodine noted. Another incident involved a salt shaker moving on its own across the table at family dinner, and still another bizarre episode found his mother's collection of Bibles inexplicably stacked in a pile. They eventually consulted with a medium who told them several members of the family were psychic (Bodine's two sisters and his mom are also psychic).

"When I was a kid I always saw colors around people... and I would know things about people and things that were going to happen," Bodine admitted. He talked about his experiences attending 'Psychic Camp,' where he learned about nature spirits and fairies, guardian angels and spirit guides, and came face-to-face with an ancient vampire family. "Their skin had that look of a spring roll... it was the weirdest skin I've ever seen in my life," he recalled. After Bodine accepted his gifts he focused on knowing the future as a way to track his psychic development and accuracy. "I'm a future guy and I see opportunities coming for people," he said, adding he works primarily with those in the entertainment industry because they are prone to taking the risks associated with new opportunities.

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