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Seven Life Principles / Parasites & Poltergeists

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Harley Rotbart, MD, has been a nationally renowned pediatric specialist, parenting expert, speaker, and educator for over three decades. In the first half, he presented seven keys for leading a "no regrets" life filled with more wonder and contentment. These include:

  •  "Believe" – a foundational principle, acknowledging that we as individuals are not a supreme being and that there is something greater than ourselves.
  • "Discover" – the opportunity to recognize miracles such as in healing and nature and the messianic spark that is within us and humanity.
  • "Appreciate" – developing a sense of gratitude and finding something to appreciate each day.
  • "Grow" – identify turning points in your life that serve as markers of personal growth.

Rotbart sees these steps as a way to master one's moods. They can help to calm things down, he continued, and make one less prone to anger and discontentment. By practicing such principles, he added, people can also fend off depression and achieve more resilience and equilibrium in their daily lives.


Occult historian and theorist Paul Eno began his paranormal investigations in the early 1970s, working with Ed and Lorraine Warren. In the latter half, he detailed his experiences, theories, and research into ghosts, exorcisms, poltergeists, parallel worlds, and paranormal "parasites." He views demonic entities as parasitic beings that feed on human energy, and believes rituals such as exorcism may not be helpful as they can fuel them with more negative energy. Sometimes the best way to deal with parasites is to cut off their "food supply" by employing such things as humor, he advised. Eno detailed a number of different types of parasites such as tricksters, "the elders," and "the farmers," who work singularly and together and exhibit different approaches.

One fascinating pattern he uncovered about parasites is that the longer they are in a relationship with a human host, "the more they tend to forget their own origins." This may have been the case in the famous Bell Witch haunting of the 19th century, he noted, where the haunting spirits in Tennessee were vague about where they came from. Eno also shared some of his encounters with beings that he believes hail from parallel realities. In one instance, he heard a voice in an attic in a home near Buffalo, New York, speaking a strange form of Latin. The being, he learned, was a warrior of great nobility, who said he was sent on a quest by a female deity. Eno hypothesizes that many times what people think of as ghosts may actually be entities occasionally visible from other "membranes." Additionally, he spoke about his 2019 UFO sighting, which he captured on video.

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