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Board Certified in Cardiology, Dr. Steven Sinatra is an Assistant Clinical Professor at the University of Connecticut. In the first half, he discussed the mind/body connection related to heart disease and how diet and supplements can be crucial for cardiac health. He has found the Mediterranean Diet to be the most healthy for the heart and that "olive oil is the secret sauce" behind that, with scientific evidence backing that up. Physicians have learned that by cutting back on sugar and carbs, and using more healthy fats and proteins, individuals can reduce their insulin response (insulin is the most inflammatory hormone), he reported. 

Some of the supplements for heart health he recommended include turmeric and resveratrol (which work synergistically together), Coenzyme 10 (particularly ubiquinone not ubiquinol), magnesium, L-carnitine, and D-ribose, which increases ATP (the cell's energy source). The signs of impending heart problems can differ between the sexes, he noted, with men citing chest discomfort and women experiencing extreme fatigue. He's observed that maintaining an optimistic attitude makes a difference in recovery for cardiac patients, and having a pet such as a dog can be very therapeutic because of their unconditional love. 


In the latter half, author Vernon Mahabal, the founder and director of the Palmistry Institute, talked about the powerful trends evolving in the United States during 2021, and the meaning of different signifiers in the hand, fingers, and palm. The left hand, he explained, represents the subconscious and who you are as an individual soul, while the right deals with the conscious side and how you navigate the world. To enhance one's psychic or intuitive energy, he suggested holding or clasping your hands together, which brings the left and right brain into a kind of symmetry.

In 2020, the major ruling planet was Saturn which deals with restriction and limitation, and learning through struggles, but starting in November 2020 and running through October 2021, Mercury will be the most influential planet, Mahabal pointed out. Mercury energy is opposite from Saturn, he continued, with a strong focus on freedom, exploration, and learning by doing. From his recent palm readings, he's seen that communication and business will be on the upswing this year, with people going out more, seeking fun and experiences.

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