Betty & Barney Hill Case / Healing with Light & Sound

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Betty & Barney Hill Case / Healing with Light & Sound

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Sixty years ago Betty and Barney Hill experienced the most infamous alien abduction in the history of the phenomenon. UFO researcher and niece of the Hills, Kathleen Marden, joined Richard Syrett (Twitter) to discuss the importance of this case, and give updates on the investigation of the evidence. Marden briefly described the incident reported by her aunt and uncle which involved a unusual craft hovering within 100 feet of their location in North Lincoln, New Hampshire. Both experiencers lost two to three hours of time traveling from the point of the initial sighting to another location 35 miles away where they encountered a landed craft, Marden revealed. Barney had conscious recall of figures in shiny black uniforms, she added.

Marden recounted hearing her mom on the phone with her Aunt Betty on September 20, 1961, expressing concern that their close encounter with a UFO might have contaminated them. Marden reported seeing evidence of the incident when she visited her aunt and uncle at their house. "It's something that I can never forget," she said, recalling her Uncle Barney was distant and not his usual gregarious self. According to Marden, the Hill's clothes were torn and scraped in a way not consistent with taking a car trip. There were also several highly polished circles on the trunk of the car which produced magnetic anomalies. After the incident, Betty had strange dreams or recollections of the abduction. Barney told her not to tell anyone as no good could ever come of it, Marden explained, noting the couple's eventual decision to undergo hypnosis and what was uncovered through the sessions.


Gail Lynn's dream of making a difference in the world seemed shattered after the weight of two challenging relationships, and the stress of careers in the automotive, telecommunications, and film industries decimated her physically, emotionally, and psychologically, leaving her with severe cardiovascular stress. During the second half of the program, Lynn talked about how a series of full-body light and sound treatments reversed her diagnosis, and plunged her into the world of energy medicine and the ancient history—and modern science—behind these therapies.

"I feel like if I didn't find the ancient secrets to sound and light... the medical community was not helping me," she said. Lynn's continued failing health led her to try something outside of typical Western medical modalities—a sound and light chamber in Arizona. "I thought nothing happened," she admitted after a full weekend of sessions. When Lynn returned home, however, she discovered her eyesight had improved (to the point of no longer needing glasses), her asthma disappeared, migraines were less intense, and her heart condition improved.

Lynn's health results were so impressive she decided to create her own sound and light chamber. She refined how the light and sound elements worked, changed the position of the body, and made the chamber egg-shaped. Wood was used to construct her Harmonic Egg because of its acoustic properties and resistance to holding vibrational energy, she explained. Some of Tesla's mathematical ideas have been integrated into the device, as well as music specifically produced for play within the cubic airspace of the Egg. "People can't believe the information they get when they're in a session... they're manifesting better after their session, they're getting visions of past lives clearing... jobs that they have always wanted, they're getting these visions in the Egg," Lynn revealed.

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