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Eras in the Bible / Open Lines

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In the first half, spiritual researcher and documentary film producer Ali Siadatan joined Richard Syrett (Twitter) to share his new research into the ages described in the Bible, including the meaning of the Mark of the Beast. Siadatan identified three broad eras of human history he said are articulated by the Bible. The Age of Chaos, which runs from the creation of the Earth through the time of Abraham, lays the foundation for the fallen world in which we still live, he explained. Defining events in this era, according to scripture, include the fall of humankind in the Garden of Eden, the cross-breeding of angels with human women, and the Tower of Babel. Next Siadatan described the second era, the Age of Torah, which is one of restoration, spanning from Abraham to the time of Christ. During this time, Moses reveals the law to God’s people, and both the nation of Israel and the son of God (Jesus) are born. Finally, he said, is the Messianic age—the era since Christ’s crucifixion and resurrection that includes the present day. Despite lasting over two thousand years so far, Siadatan stated, the Messianic age represents what scripture calls the end times—an extremely significant period of time in terms of the fulfillment of prophecy and the events depicted in the book of Revelation.

The very end of our era, Siadatan believes, is marked by the "final fireworks" commonly associated with Revelation: apocalypse, the return of Christ to Earth to establish his kingdom, and the final battle between good and evil. Before any of this can occur, however, numerous prophecies described in the Bible must be fulfilled; the return of Israel to the Jews, the rise of UFO activity (and alien abduction in particular), the rise of the Antichrist, and the raising of an army of Nephilim-like hybrids are all signs of such fulfillment, Siadatan contended. One of the requirements imposed by the Antichrist, Revelation tells us, is that a Mark of the Beast must be received by all people in order for them to function in society. Although Siadatan conceded that he doesn’t know exactly what form this mark will take, he asserted that it will be unmistakable when it is imposed on humankind. At any rate, he noted, the purpose of the mark will be to ensure total control over the population by the Antichrist.

In the show’s second hour, Siadatan also took a few calls from listeners. One caller asked him to clarify Jerusalem’s role in the end times; another wondered how we can be sure which predictions about the end times are valid; finally, another caller offered his own interpretation of Revelation’s meaning for Siadatan's comment.


The latter half of the show featured Open Lines, with listeners responding to Richard’s invitation to talk about their ideas for inventions. Among the callers was Walter in Florida, who described his idea for a one-foot-cubed box that was "100% transparent on the outside, and 100% reflective on the inside." The box would be designed to harness the photon energy of the light passing through it, and would differ from the energy storage capabilities of conventional solar panels, he said, because the box could capture energy regardless of the intensity of the light present in the atmosphere. Calling from Wisconsin, Andrew shared an invention he developed to make his girlfriend, whom he said has brain cancer, feel more comfortable: a full-body massage device he cobbled together from existing massagers of different kinds.

A different Andrew, this one in Iowa, talked about his idea for an inflatable fire escape. In the event of a fire, the escape, positioned at a window, would deploy instantly and take the shape of a giant slide, similar to those in use on passenger airplanes for emergency evacuations. The design of the fire escape would allow fire victims to descend to safety as a group, without climbing stairs. This was so that parents of young children could help get them out of the burning building and moved to safety without the added danger of falling or losing time on traditional stair-type fire escapes, Andrew explained.

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