Numerology in 2021 / Paranormal Pioneers

Numerology in 2021 / Paranormal Pioneers


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsGlynis McCants, Mitch Horowitz

In the first half, numerologist Glynis McCants discussed how the energy of 2021 is manifesting so far this year and what it means to not only world leadership but to individual lives. 2021 is a "5" year, which means we can expect a lot of drama, but by the last three months of the year, things will have shifted, she said, and we can look forward to a more optimistic and celebratory time. We should pay special attention to the upcoming month of May, a "5" month falling in a "5" world year, she continued. During this period, "whatever it is that you're trying to accomplish, write your goals down...otherwise you're not going to get it done," she advised. August 2021, she added, an "8" month falling in a "5" year, will be particularly noteworthy for political events.

President Biden is a double "2"-- born on a "2" day, and his lifepath number is a "2," which means he is obsessed with helping others, McCants said, adding that his natural empathy contributes to his higher polling numbers. He is in a year of "9," which represents clearing for a new beginning, but because it's a "5" year, 2021 will be a challenge for him as he deals with intractable issues like immigration. She also talked about how people born on a day that ends in a zero have a kind of natural intuition, and that in 2022, a "6" year, America will get its power back. Glynis, whose toll-free number is 877-686-2373, offers individualized numerological calendars based on a person's lifepath number, which track the different energy of the months.


In the latter half, scholar of occult and esoteric ideas, Mitch Horowitz, spoke about paranormal pioneers: the groundbreaking voices of occult, paranormal, and UFO studies. Frederic Myers, a British scientist who died in 1901, was one of the first to research life-after-death, conducting various experiments, and cataloging hundreds of cases involving apparitions and unexplained presences. A contemporary of Myers was the distinguished philosopher William James, who studied the occult and mediumship, as well as the mind's ability to heal the body. Horowitz considers JB and Louisa Rhine to be personal heroes of his for their dedicated and careful scientific research into ESP at Duke University. JB found statistical evidence "that there are certain individuals capable of gleaning information in a laboratory setting in ways that go beyond the five senses," Mitch reported.

The writer Charles Fort was also a significant contributor to early paranormal studies, uncovering stories and accounts of anomalous phenomena like spontaneous combustion, and weird lights in the sky. Horowitz considers Jacques Vallée to be the greatest living UFO researcher, citing his influential hypothesis that aliens and UFOs may be interdimensional in nature. He also touched on Manly P. Hall, the author of the monumental book "The Secret Teachings of All Ages," an encyclopedia of esoteric ideas and the occult, and the French theorist Emile Coué, who coined the mantra "Day by day, in every way, I am getting better and better." Coué recommended that people whisper this mantra just before falling asleep and right after waking up. Horowitz explained that the mind is more receptive to suggestion during these hypnagogic periods, somewhat similar to being in a hypnotic trance.

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