Psychedelics & Alien Contact

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Psychedelics & Alien Contact

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Andrew Gallimore, Ph.D., a neurobiologist, pharmacologist, and chemist, joined Connie Willis (info) to talk about his research into whether using psychedelic drugs like the powerful hallucinogen DMT is effective in communicating with alien entities. Gallimore described the effects of DMT, which he said include a rapid-onset altered state so dramatic that he characterized it as an "ontological shock." Citing a major study by psychiatrist Rick Strassman, Gallimore expressed his optimism that a system of injecting subjects with DMT in space would make communication with alien life more likely and more effective. The use of the drug in this way, he explained, re-defines it as a type of technology, not merely a psychological experience or a chemical process.

Gallimore took calls from listeners to hear their thoughts and answer their questions. Calling from Texas, Keith asked Gallimore about salvia divinorum, a hallucinogenic used by the Oaxaca people of Mexico. Gallimore responded that he found the drug, which is activated by chewing the leaves of the plant in which it is found, to be an interesting outlier among hallucinogens: while it causes many of the same effects on its users as drugs like ayahuasca and DMT, it is completely different in its chemical composition, and works on the brain in a different way. Brian in Colorado, who identified himself as a remote viewer, reported that using psychedelics heightened his psychic perceptions and increased his ability to call his visions into reality.


In the show's final hour, the phones were opened for listeners to call in to talk with Connie about whatever was on their mind. Among the Open Lines callers was Jim, calling from Arkansas, who talked about his childhood encounter with a frightening gold-colored creature outside his bedroom window. He recounted his surprise to discover, years later, that the creature strongly resembled an image of a Native American god featured on a television program he was watching. Raymond in Louisiana shared his story of studying the ancient Mayan culture, and his attempts to replicate their use of psychedelics. And Vince in West Virginia voiced his admiration for counterculture hero Timothy Leary, but cautioned listeners to be very careful when experimenting with drugs like LSD.

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