Miraculous Phenomena / Science of the Spiritual

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Miraculous Phenomena / Science of the Spiritual

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Philosophy and humanities teacher Michael Grosso, Ph.D. of New Jersey City University joined Connie Willis (info) in the first hour to discuss miraculous phenomena. Grosso emphasized that the definition of miracles that guides his research encompasses the paranormal and "extra-physical," as well as miracles occurring internally, such as the transcendent state of love.

Grosso said his interest in the miraculous began when he was teaching a course in human potential. His own personal experience with miracles includes an incident where he was listening to the music of John Coltrane while standing at a window. To his amazement, the stars in the night sky began to sparkle and move in time with the music, and the face of a laughing man emerged in the dazzling arrangement.

Because they're so unpredictable, miracles can be difficult to study, Grosso noted, and friends and family can also be discouraging in their skepticism. Even in his academic life, he related, his attempts to bring miracles into his professional papers are often rebuffed by colleagues.

In the next segment, renowned authority on science and philosophy and two-time Nobel Peace Prize nominee Ervin Laszlo, Ph.D., addressed the science behind spiritual experience, investigating where our conscious and unconscious minds intersect to explore the depths of spiritual meaning. He described the flow state he enters when doing much of his thinking and writing, a process he described as "semi-automatic." By remaining open to the possibilities the mind offers, Laszlo said, ideas will "pop up," leading him to new insights and lines of thought.

Among the other topics he discussed were the Akashic records, which he called the "hologram of the universe." He also framed the future as simultaneously unforeseeable and predetermined. "The rules are set, but the game is not," he argued. The key for maximum fulfillment, Laszlo offered, is to try to discover all of its rules.


In the show's final hour, the phones were opened to listeners to talk about any topic they chose. John in Texas shared the results of placing thermal cameras around his property. After discovering frequent orb activity in his video footage, he said, he studied individual frames that revealed the faces of people and animals. Also appearing on the videos, though less often, are what he described as small floating craft that mingle among the orbs.

Glenn in California also reported seeing orbs in his area, but said the ones he observes are more dynamic, displaying a sophisticated intelligence in their interactions with each other, and splitting apart and joining together during flight. These orbs, he contended, are not the elusive type common to many accounts. "You don't find them, they find you," he said.

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