Wealth Spells / Finding Princess Diana's Voice

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Wealth Spells / Finding Princess Diana's Voice

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Prominent life coach Derek Rydall joined Lisa Garr (email) to discuss The Law of Emergence, which provides the foundation to re-engage with an ancient principle that shows that we aren't lacking anything. He revealed how to reach one's potential, alter consciousness about money, and receive more abundance. Using the metaphor of radio broadcasts Rydall explained how to tune in to reality to make the stations of your being manifest. "The beat of abundance, the symphony of success, they rhythm of joy, the health, the love, the wealth, it's all broadcasting right where you are but you have to know how to tune in to it," he said.

According to Rydall, each person has a unique blueprint of fulfillment and success, and can activate the wealth that is already inside of them (just as an oak tree is already within an acorn). He spoke about common misconceptions or spells people have about the nature of wealth by way of an analogy of a fruit tree. Just as the fruit of a tree is not the wealth of the tree, the real wealth of existence is invisible and non-material — it is our life force or consciousness. Money is merely a symbol of wealth, it is not the source of it, Rydall revealed.


During the latter half of the program, author Stewart Pearce shared a spiritual resource based on the teachings of the twelve archangels of Atlantis, which he experienced as twelve orbs of light at Glastonbury in 1987. Pearce admitted feeling in touch with the multi-dimensional universe from early childhood, when he experienced beings of light and heard a voice within him. "I feel the archangel Michael is very much steering my destiny and helping me reveal to the world some of the wisdom... that the angels want to communicate," he said. According to Pearce, the angels prepared him to hold the vibration of what they wished to bring into the world.

He discussed how he helped Princess Diana find her voice and gain empowerment. "Diana was trying to emancipate herself from all of the challenges that she experienced... she was trying to find a way of developing self-empowerment processes," Pearce said. She wanted to be the voice of change to move the world away from a stern dismissive voice of rejection to one allowing people to feel they are extraordinary, he revealed. Even in death Diana unleashed an archetypal energy into the world, Pearce noted. "We all felt a force of reckoning in our beings [when she died]," he said.

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