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Fallen Angels & Aliens / Near-Death Awakening

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In the first half, Biblical scholar Scott Mitchell, host of the podcast Bible Mysteries, shared his research on why, contrary to many theorists, he believes aliens are actually fallen angels posing as ETs, and not the other way around. Emboldened by what he said is current humankind's refusal to honor God, these fallen angels are intent on sowing unhappiness and confusion. By claiming to be aliens, Mitchell argued, the angels deceive us into believing that they are benevolent visitors and not agents of destruction.

Aiding the fallen angels, Mitchell explained, is a "satanic global elite" made up of powerful, wealthy people who seek to assist in the takeover of Earth by the forces of evil. Since such a takeover would require significant technology to carry out and maintain, Mitchell said it's likely that this elite will come from the tech sector. In addition, the takeover will lead to the rise of the Antichrist, fulfilling the prophecy of the book of Revelation, he predicted.

Callers shared their responses to Mitchell's assertions. One, from Colorado, proposed that the Pope may be the Antichrist, with which Mitchell disagreed. A listener calling from Arizona, however, wondered whether artificial intelligence itself may function as the Antichrist, which Mitchell found to be more reasonable.


In the second half, Rob Gentile told the story of the profound personal transformation he underwent following his two near-death experiences. At the age of 56, Gentile had a massive heart attack that resulted in his flatlining for several minutes before slipping into a coma. Ultimately, a heart transplant was in order, but while waiting for a donor he once again flatlined. Fortunately, Gentile pulled through this ordeal as well, and soon he was scheduled to be given the heart of a woman more than thirty years younger than he.

After getting the heart transplant, Gentile began to feel as though he could sense the feelings and memories of his heart's donor, which led him to research the relationship between the heart and the brain. It was through this inquiry, Gentile said, that he discovered that the heart plays a much larger role in personality and consciousness than he had realized. He also related that he became much more connected to the spiritual realm. This was partly because of an intense new awareness of the laws of physics and natural phenomena at work around him, he recalled, and partly because he longed for the feeling of closeness to the love of God he experienced while hospitalized after his surgery.

Several listeners called in to the show with comments and questions for Gentile. A caller from California, for example, related her own NDE story, and concurred with Gentile that the experience left her with a deep appreciation and gratitude for life. When another caller from Colorado asked him what the biggest change his experience brought about was, Gentile responded that now he was much more prayerful and reflective of the interconnectedness of all people.

News segment guests: Peter Breggin and Kevin Randle.

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