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Cryptocurrency / UFO Footage & ETs

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In the first half, author Jerome Corsi, Ph.D. discussed what cryptocurrency is, how it works, and what it means for the future. Just as governments may issue "fiat currency"—currency not backed by precious metals like gold or silver, he explained, private individuals and groups can also issue fiat currency in the form of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. A cryptocurrency's value is determined only by demand by consumers; it may be used and accepted as payment by anyone who recognizes it as valid. Cryptocurrency appeals to certain types of people for the decentralized nature of its creation and control, Corsi mentioned, as well as the anonymity under which it is traded. Laws governing the issuing and use of cryptocurrencies vary by nation, he said: cryptocurrency is largely unregulated in the United States, for example, while China tightly restricts it.

Although Corsi remarked that he is optimistic and very interested in cryptocurrency's potential, he noted that it is typically "extremely volatile," with valuations fluctuating wildly at times due to market forces and its relative newness as a viable market. For this reason, Corsi argued, consumers should approach buying cryptocurrency as speculation best handled by sophisticated investors with disposable funds, and not as a worthwhile investment of retirement savings or other critical income.

At the end of the second hour, the phones were opened for questions and comments for Corsi. When a caller asked for an example of good government regulation of cryptocurrency, Corsi replied that regulation should not be heavy-handed, and should allow cryptocurrency to remain decentralized. Another caller asked whether cryptocurrency's volatility could affect the conventional investment markets; Corsi replied that he did not believe so, because of the different economic dynamics of the two markets.


In the latter half, author David Sereda spoke about the upcoming US Government intelligence report on recent UFO activity. Although he said he believes the government is aware of alien presence on Earth, Sereda expressed his skepticism that their report will be transparent and honest, and that the media will follow their lead. As evidence of this stance, he pointed to the fact that the flying objects recently seen by US military personnel are being called "drones" in the press, despite knowledge of them as much faster and differently-behaving craft (related graphic). In addition, Sereda said, President Biden's recent remarks at a press conference indicate that he is working to suppress the truth about what is known about visits by aliens.

Sereda also gave an update on his research on communications with and between ETs. After studying radio waves from outer space—a mathematical feat that took him two years—he discovered that a major mode of alien communication consists of numbers corresponding to musical tones, he reported. Even more amazing, Sereda said, was that return communications from ETs were specific to individual receiving devices, which defies everything we understand about radio transmissions.

Listeners called to speak to Sereda at the end of the last hour. In response to a caller wondering whether the recently-sighted UFOs made a large splash in the ocean upon contact, Sereda referenced a report that suggested that the water foamed, but did not make a splash consistent with the speed at which the crafts were traveling. Another listener observed that, while official accounts of contact with aliens may be opaque and dishonest, Hollywood movies like Close Encounters of the Third Kind and Contact could serve as channels for educating the public instead.

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