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Alien Symbols / Forgiveness & Brain Waves

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In the first half, researcher, author, and documentary film producer Steve Quayle announced the results of the past 18 months of his archaeological research team's work in Mexico. They've turned up hundreds of artifacts there depicting contact between the Aztecs and ETs, he reported, providing the latest support for his theory that alien entities played a major role in human and pre-human history on Earth. Quayle has also compiled what he calls a digital "glyphtionary" of over 500,000 artifacts and symbols that allows for their categorization and comparison (view related photos). Drawing attention from scientists and researchers from all over the world, these discoveries constitute "the most important archaeological find in history," Quayle said. He indicated he would be calling a press conference soon to unveil evidence that "changes the entire paradigm" of our understanding of our past.

Quayle maintained that his research is conducted according to the highest standards of authenticity and provenance. His key findings, he explained, include evidence that fallen angels reproduced with human women, resulting in hybrid beings, that the Aztecs went to war with aliens, and that aliens built the pyramids.

In the second hour, listeners called in to speak to Quayle. One caller in California said she had also discovered cultural artifacts, in her case at Lake Tahoe, that featured images of aliens. Another listener in Texas suggested that Boriska Kipriyanovich, a Russian boy who claims to have lived on Mars, may have insights into the alien connection to human history studied by Quayle.


Psychologist and founder of the Biocybernaut Institute James V. Hardt joined the latter half of the show to discuss the role of forgiveness in personal well-being, and the beneficial connection between high alpha-wave brain activity and effective forgiveness. Although forgiveness is commonly understood as being the same thing as accepting or tolerating the harm others do to us, Hardt was careful to clarify that effective forgiveness has little to do with the offending party at all. In fact, he said, those whom we forgive do not even need to know we've done so—the point is to free oneself from the burden of the pain caused by others. The positive effects of the increase in the brain's alpha waves caused by effective forgiveness are well-known and heavily documented, Hardt contended: among the benefits he cited were lower stress levels, reduced risk of some diseases, and increased happiness and creativity.

In the last hour, the phones were opened for listeners to speak to Hardt. Noting that "revenge is sweet," one caller pushed back against the notion of principled forgiveness, but several other listeners expressed their confidence in Hardt's approach to reaping the benefits of forgiving, with some offering examples from their own lives.

News segment guests: Dr. John Curtis, Charles Coppes, Steve Kates

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