Apollo 1 Mission / Keys of Abundance

Apollo 1 Mission / Keys of Abundance


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsRyan S. Walters, Brandon Beachum

Independent historian Ryan S. Walters teaches history at Collin College in Texas. In the first half, he discussed the early days and struggles of NASA's Apollo program, and the ill-fated first mission, which took the lives of Gus Grissom, Ed White, and Roger Chaffee and nearly ended the program. A fatal fire took place in 1967 in the Apollo 1 command module during a test rehearsal. The fire reached temperatures of 1200 degrees and lasted for around 20 seconds. The NASA craft had shoddy workmanship, said Walters, and the fire revealed everything that was wrong with it. After the accident, the damaged craft was taken apart, and it was discovered that someone had actually left a socket wrench inside a panel-- akin to a surgeon leaving a scalpel inside a body.

The three astronauts were test pilots and understood the risk with experimental spacecraft, Walters explained. NASA set up their own internal investigation after the fire, and astronaut Frank Borman headed up that commission. No definitive cause was determined, but it was suspected that a wire sparked underneath Grissom's feet, where the environmental system was located. The astronauts, Walters continued, were asphyxiated by poison gas, and burned up after they were already dead. Though the Apollo accident was undoubtedly tragic, lessons were learned, he noted, and it served to make future space travel much safer.


Thought leader and author Brandon Beachum is the host of the Positive Head Podcast. In the latter half, he talked about the eight keys of abundance, which he has unlocked after over 25 years of experience and deep exploration. He believes these keys can help others unlock their own divine potential, and they include: see the oneness, know the illusion, focus your flow, align your intentions, trust the mystery, and master the "you-niverse." Energy goes where attention flows, he commented, so the best thing a person can do is focus on what they want to see or feel more of. "Start playing voices that are saying beautiful things out loud in the room," he added, and watch how things shift.

Every moment is a chance to turn your life around, and "what you are a part of and connected to is infinitely creative and abundant," he said. To change and grow in a desired direction, the law of emergence suggests that creating the right conditions for something to happen is vital, Beachum shared, and one should give as little energy as possible to the "old story" or narrative of your past. He also spoke about the twists and turns of his entrepreneurial career, the role of synchronicity ("winks from the universe"), and how by going within to become your best self, you can have the greatest impact on society. For a free audio or e-book of "The Golden Key," visit his website, and use the gift code COAST2COAST.

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