Amazing UFO Cases / Lucid Dreaming Methods

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Amazing UFO Cases / Lucid Dreaming Methods

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In the first half, engineer, scientist, and author Mark Carlotto detailed some of the most compelling and intriguing UFO cases on record, and shared some of his theories and observations behind the phenomenon. Based on his recent analysis of the National UFO Reporting Center's database, he's concluded that UFO phenomena has been growing at an exponential rate. Further, in looking at the UAP and military videos that have emerged in the last few years, the craft seem to exceed our current aerospace capabilities and even the laws of physics as we know them, he noted. However, he added, the data doesn't seem to support the extraterrestrial hypothesis-- instead, "something else is going on."

In a UFO sighting above the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem from 2011 (composite video), an object descends from an undetermined altitude coming down close, and then takes off in a matter of seconds. Because the same movements are recorded by four different people on video, it lends credence to the case, he suggested, and the physics-defying speed of the object is similar to the Tic Tac sighting. Carlotto spoke about strange aerial phenomena videotaped in the formation of crop circles, such as Oliver's Castle in Wiltshire, noting that this may relate to some unknown earth phenomenon. He also touched on his work investigating anomalies on Mars. 


Over the last 40 years, author and speaker Robert Waggoner has deeply explored lucid dreaming (LD), and discovered a way to directly connect with a knowledgeable and creative inner awareness. In the latter half, he discussed different methods for achieving lucidity, and ways to use this state for healing, and mental and spiritual development. While still a teenager, he used a suggestion from a Carlos Castaneda book to first lucid dream. Before sleep, he would look at his hands and repeat this statement for five minutes: 'Tonight in my dreams, I'll see my hands and realize I'm dreaming.' After three nights, he saw his hands pop in front of him in a dream, which triggered him to become lucid.

In lucid dreams, people have successfully healed or reduced physical problems like knee pain using such things as "healing energy," he reported. Waggoner speculated that this method might work similarly to deep hypnosis. People can sometimes wake up right away after the surprise or shock of becoming lucid, so he offered a three-point "REM" strategy to combat this: (R) - reduce emotion when first entering a lucid state and don't get too excited, (E) – enhance awareness, such as by touching something that will ground you in the dream, and (M) – maintain your focus, and keep reminding yourself that you're in a dream. Waggoner, who will be presenting a month-long workshop on Glide Wing, also talked about cases of shared or mutual LD, and the differences between astral projection and LD.

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