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UFO investigator Kevin Randle examined UFO cases, and cover-ups by the deep state. "The deep state actually controls so much of our lives now," Randle said, noting how people who served Presidents Obama and Clinton now serve in the Biden administration. "The same people [move] around in the upper levels of this controlling everything we do," he added. According to Randle, the deep state covets power and the problem with UFOs is, if they are of extraterrestrial origin, they present technology that is superior to what the deep state controls. He suggested the deep state does not want UFO information disseminated to public.

Randle spoke about Project Blue Book (1952-1969) under the direction of Captain Edward J. Ruppelt. "I think they did a very good job... they were attempting to find out what was really going on," he reported, adding after Ruppelt the project became a dead end run by anti-saucer people. Randle commented on something he had heard about President Carter, who apparently was shown classified Project Blue Book files and wanted to release UFO information to the public. "They say, 'yes, we'll get it to you,' and somehow they never get it to the president," he explained, noting some distraction always comes up to prevent the release of UFO information.


'Birthday Bash' Open Lines followed in the latter half of the program with past guests calling in with their happy birthday wishes for George. Laura, who was truck driving through Iowa, shared her UFO sighting from the late 1990s when she was crossing Sherman Pass in Wyoming. It was night and a dark triangular craft with lighted corners could be seen flying beneath the overcast sky. According to Laura, the craft rotated, lifted through the clouds, and was gone.

Jeremy in Minneapolis, Minnesota, proposed a theory that the population is being deceived by the deep state and globalist managers of control. The images of UAPs that have been shown to the public could be computer generated, he speculated. "I'm not discounting the idea that there are extraterrestrials but in this case I think it's mostly deception," Jeremy said. He also linked globalists to the transhumanist agenda, as well as suggested Luis Elizondo is an actor working for the Pentagon.

Mimi from Texas told George about attending the Spirit, Mind, and Body Conference in the Seventies and hearing "Journeys Out of the Body" author Robert Monroe speak. "Light shown out of this man," she recalled. The story he shared was from when he was out of body in another dimension. Monroe was guarding a facility when a UFO landed and beings emerged. He said he questioned them but they laughed at him like he was a monkey, Mimi recalled.

The final half hour featured a tribute to the late ufologist Timothy Green Beckley.

News segment guests: Christian Wilde / Kevin Randle / Tim Binnall

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