Kilgallen & Monroe Deaths / Intuition & Sacred Sites

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Kilgallen & Monroe Deaths / Intuition & Sacred Sites

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A former criminal defense attorney and legal analyst for CNN, ESPN, and USA Today, Mark Shaw is an investigative reporter and the author of 25 books. In the first half, he presented his research that links the mysterious death of reporter and TV star, Dorothy Kilgallen with Marilyn Monroe's demise (view rare photo of the two together). "Dorothy and Marilyn were very good friends," and Dorothy had written a number of columns about her, he pointed out. The coroner's report concluded that Monroe's August 1962 death was suicide from an overdose, but forensic pathologist Cyril Wecht disputed that. Further, Kilgallen had just written that Marilyn was romantically involved with a name "bigger than Joe DiMaggio." Shaw concluded that that man was Bobby Kennedy (Jean Kennedy Smith reportedly referenced this in a letter at the time).

There was also a CIA document dated one day before Monroe's death, which cited her involvement with Robert Kennedy, and how he'd supposedly promised to divorce his wife and marry her. Shaw explained that the document was based on phone conversations between Dorothy and Marilyn (a wiretap had been placed on Kilgallen's line). Another of Kilgallen's columns detailed how Marilyn's fans wanted a further investigation into her death and that certain facts didn't add up. Shaw implicated RFK in Monroe's death, suggesting that Monroe might have planning to go to the press with "pillow talk" confessions from both Bobby and JFK, after her relationships with them didn't work out. Shaw, who'll be back on Coast on June 30th to finish his discussion on this subject, noted how Kilgallen, Monroe, JFK, and RFK were all linked in certain ways and all dead within a few years of each other.


Lauren Rainbow is a professional psychic medium, spiritual teacher, and healer who has been working passionately for over 19 years. She's toured the US and Canada and has led numerous overseas group visits to sacred sites in India, Mexico, Peru, and Egypt. In the latter half, she spoke about developing intuitive gifts and communicating with the Other Side. Her psychic training and development included sitting in circles with other psychic mediums, she detailed. She views intuition as our "inner navigation system," which can take the form of gut instinct or an inner voice. By accessing this intuition, we can create more fluid movement in our lives and make better choices, she added.

She outlined her path of spiritual navigation, developing a discerning eye for what feels right and authentic. There are times when a person should be aware that a spiritual or psychic teacher might not have their best interests at heart, she noted. Rainbow also talked about "heart awareness," which is a kind of centering based on the energy radiating from the heart. She shared her fascination with ancient sacred sites that are often built upon energetic grids or ley lines, and can emanate a strong sense of power. When she was flying over the Nazca Lines in Peru, she felt a unique out-of-this-world sense, as though she was bilocating and existing in two places at once. During the last hour, she gave readings for callers, including sharing impressions and communications from their deceased loved ones.

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