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Remote Viewing / Shared Past Lives

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In the first half, Paul H. Smith, who served for seven years in the government's Star Gate remote viewing (RV) psychic espionage program, shared updates and recollections on remote viewing. Legendary psychic Ingo Swann coined the term 'remote viewing,' but Smith feels that "remote perception" would be a more accurate way to describe the process. Swann later admitted that other senses did come into play during RV beyond just seeing. RV is a form of extrasensory perception-- that is, what one perceives is independent of one's normal sense organs, he explained. Smith recounted accessing the late Swann's archives to view training records of when he and Ingo worked together, as well as an incident when he experienced bi-location (being in two places at once) during that time frame.

Smith recalled the time he was tasked with remote viewing the moon on a project with Ingo Swann. Interestingly, both he and Swann made similar sketches of underground artificial structures. Smith perceived a flying vehicle emerging from a cavern there, and he had "the impression that the [flying] machine itself was part biological." He also talked about his remote viewing training to Rob Lowe and his sons for their TV show, The Lowe Files, in which they experimented with using ESP to communicate with each other at a distance. Smith will be offering a workshop in RV techniques at the upcoming IRVA conference and a presentation on whether AI can be sufficiently developed for RV applications.


In the latter half, authors Dr. David Bettenhausen and Carla Bogni-Kidd, close friends since 1998, discussed their spontaneous memories of their 29 past lives together, which they accessed through meditative states. They also spoke about their past life regression training with Dr. Brian Weiss and how they determined that we tend to reincarnate in "soul groups," returning to the earthly plane with the same or similar groups of people, often playing different roles. For example, Bogni-Kidd said that regarding Bettenhausen in previous lives, she had been his mother, his schoolmate, and his next-door neighbor. Their first life together was some 6,000 years ago, Bettenhausen added. More recently, they were young siblings who died tragically on a Chicago balcony in 1944.

While people can sometimes remain in the between-lives state for thousands of years, the average time for a new incarnation is just 18 months, Bettenhausen reported, possibly due to the increased population on the planet. The two shared that they discovered sinister existences among their past lives (Bettenhausen recalled an incarnation among the ancient Mayans who practiced human sacrifice). However, we all enact different roles, such as the persecutor and the persecuted, and karma tends to balance these out, they indicated. Bogni-Kidd talked about her life as a gangster moll/flapper in the 1920s named Ruby Donaldson (which she traced on, and the two mentioned their respective spirit guides Isabella and Elizabeth.

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