Threats to Infrastructure / Possessions & Attachments

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Threats to Infrastructure / Possessions & Attachments

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Peter Pry is Executive Director of the Task Force on National and Homeland Security, a Congressional Advisory Board. In the first half, he discussed his work trying to protect the United States electrical grid and infrastructure from electromagnetic pulse (EMP), cyber-attack, solar flares, terrorism, and other threats. He noted that while the American government has budgeted about $100 million to modernize the grid, most of that is going toward moving to more sustainable energy sources rather than hardening the power grid from attack. It was estimated in 2008 that it would cost somewhere between $2-4 billion to protect the grid from EMP, he reported. That would have been a fraction of what was spent during the COVID crisis, he said.

The mortality rate for COVID has not been that high, Pry commented, especially when compared to fatalities that could be associated with an EMP event or a long-term power outage. For a trillion dollars, not only could we protect the electrical grid but all the critical infrastructures, as well as launch a "space-based missile defense system like 'Brilliant Pebbles'...which would render nuclear missiles obsolete," he continued. Though a national infrastructure protection plan remains stalled, Pry cited local and state efforts in development. For instance, in Rangely, CO, and other towns, grassroots plans are moving forward to set up things like microgrids, and in a pilot program, Duke Energy in South Carolina is working on protecting a nuclear reactor from an EMP.


In the latter half, remote viewer, psychic, and paranormal expert Kimberly McGeorge talked about how she uses her abilities to help people navigate situations such as demonic possession and attachments. She remarked that some cases of possession are related to a traumatic incident or can even be associated with an ancestral curse or issue. People can also be possessed by "human discarnates" or ghosts, McGeorge explained, citing a case in which a male relative had the entities of a 3-year-old boy and a 40-year-old woman simultaneously attached to him. In treating this case, she first talked to the entities, asking them to leave (which is easier than conducting an exorcism), and when they seemed disinclined to do so, she sent them off to a "former enemy," telling them they would have a better time with this person.

Discarnates don't always haunt a place where they died but are free to move to other locations, she detailed. In addition to ghostly beings, McGeorge said she sees other types of entities that are attached to individuals. "Little furry creatures" that often attach themselves to a person's hair or shoulder are quite common, she claimed, and over time, she has seen thousands of these parasitic beings (which can feed on positive or negative emotions). One must first become aware of them in order to remove them, she added. "I've seen people walk in a room with like eight beings around them," McGeorge marveled. She also discussed her work as a medical intuitive-- she formerly traveled inside a person's body in order to understand and heal their physical issues, but now uses less invasive methods such as ridding their attachments, or employing technology that analyzes energy fields.

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