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Aliens & UFOs in the Movies / Open Lines

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During the first half of the program, American artist and horror host Mr. Lobo discussed the various treatments Hollywood has given the UFO, alien, and abduction phenomena over the decades. "In the Fifties it was all about flying saucers... Hollywood just jumped right on top of it," he said. A common theme frequently seen in movies of the era was aliens intervening to prevent humanity from destroying itself, Mr. Lobo suggested, pointing to The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951) as an example and "probably one of the greatest science fiction movies of all time." The studios moved away from UFOs in the Sixties and produced films about humans discovering alien races and technology, he continued, noting the Stanley Kubrick masterpiece 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968).

Mr. Lobo commented on Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977), describing the Steven Spielberg film as plausible, elegant, and intelligent. It was based on actual witness sightings and experiences, and ushered in an era of benevolent aliens, he noted. Mr. Lobo admitted he finds the Travis Walton alien abduction biopic, Fire in the Sky (1993), difficult to watch. "I have a hard time enjoying that as a film... because you know it's real," he said. He also talked about The Blob (1958), pointing out how it played on our fears of being confronted by a completely alien life form—something with which you cannot reason, as well as Alien (1979) which he called one the scariest film of all time. Mr. Lobo directed those interested in his merch to


Open Lines followed in the latter half. A caller from Connecticut shared a bizarre story that occurred at her eye doctor's office when she went to get fitted for contacts. According to the caller, the doctor examining her eyes asked when she had laser surgery to correct a condition that would eventually lead to retinal detachment. "They actually said I had surgery," she recalled, noting they pointed to X-ray evidence of the surgery. "I had [scars] around both of my eyes and I've never experienced surgery in all of my life," she admitted. The caller believes this incident is connected to past otherworldly experiences she has had.

Mimi in Midland, Texas, told George about the time she had a compulsion to go to Wal-Mart though she did not need anything. "It was an overpowering urge," she remembered. On her way back out to the parking lot, Mimi encountered a woman she called the Rose Lady, wearing a floral dress, vintage sweater, and a cross. She was selling silk roses to raise money so Mimi gave her some money, took a rose, then handed it back to the woman for her to sell again. After she got in her car, Mimi looked for the Rose Lady but could not find her. The woman had vanished. When she got home her husband was watching a television program featuring missionaries in Russia who told of an encounter with the very same Rose Lady. Mimi admitted she was gobsmacked.

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