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Weedkiller Dangers / Spirits & Anomalies

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Stephanie Seneff, PhD, is a senior research scientist at MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. In the first half, she discussed the mounting evidence that the active ingredient in the world's most commonly used weedkiller (Roundup) is responsible for debilitating chronic diseases, including cancer, liver disease, and more. She first began to have suspicions about glyphosate (the herbicide used in Roundup), as she saw autism rates skyrocketing in the general population and believed there could be an environmental cause. Because the US government thinks the chemical is safe, Americans are exposed to very high levels of it through agriculture, food, and gardening. Glyphosate, she explained, is a "mineral chelator" and grabs onto essential minerals in the body and plants, putting them in disarray. As an "endocrine disrupter," it plays havoc with gut bacteria, and can lead to digestion and stomach issues like leaky gut and IBS, she added.

Safety testing of glyphosate was capped at three months (damage often takes longer to reveal), and low dosage exposure was not even looked at, Seneff reported. A recent study on trees showed that they still retained glyphosate some 12 years after exposure. Monsanto (the manufacturer of Roundup) denies that the chemical is accumulating in our bodies, but according to her research, glyphosate is incorporated into the body's proteins and tissues and is associated with a wide variety of diseases on the rise. She even pointed to higher rates of COVID in countries that prominently use the weedkiller. Some nations, such as Germany and Mexico, are planning to ban the use of Roundup, as well as local communities in the US. To reduce exposure, Seneff advised buying organic foods. There are also reports that fulvic acid and humic acid, organic molecules from the soil, might be useful in removing glyphosate from the body, and apple cider vinegar and fermented foods are possibly able to break down the chemical.


For over 45 years, John Russell has worked as a professional psychic with a worldwide clientele, and as a paranormal investigator, he said he's witnessed hundreds of supernatural manifestations. In the latter half, he touched on a number of topics, including guardian angels, ghosts, the afterlife, spirit communication, EVPs, Skinwalker Ranch, and UFO disclosure. Skinwalker, known as a hotbed of paranormal and UFO activity, has been the subject of scientific tests, but "science can't measure the unmeasurable" and is not advanced enough to understand the meaning behind anomalous phenomena, he remarked. Recently, Russell had a revelation that may provide a new classification for some hauntings. He concluded that spirits occasionally make visits back to the earthly plane driven by a kind of "nostalgia," wondering what has become of their favorite places.

All deceased souls have the capability to come back for visitations, and they return much more than we realize, but most people lack the ability to see them, he pointed out. Guardian angels, he continued, can guide us with intuitions, but they also can actually perform physical interventions. He cited the time he was falling off a ladder when an invisible hand pushed him back up and steadied him until he stabilized. Russell believes that EVP (electronic voice phenomena) can represent legitimate spirit voices or possibly interdimensional beings. "One time, I was out in the woods all alone, and I held up my recorder, and said 'Hey, is anyone out here?...Let me know that you're here." Promptly, a voice clearly saying "peekaboo" was heard on the recording, he recalled.

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