Jim Morrison Death Mysteries / Open Lines

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Jim Morrison Death Mysteries / Open Lines

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Music journalist Michael Christopher is a senior writer for the online music magazine Vanyaland, where he was a founding member and later managing editor. He contributes regularly to Ultimate Classic Rock, Loudwire, and LA Weekly. He joined guest host Ian Punnett (Twitter) to discuss the anomalies surrounding the death of The Doors lead singer Jim Morrison. "There's just a lot of things that were unanswered," Christopher said, noting the general public did not find out about Morrison's supposed death until six days later, and only three people (his girlfriend, their assistant, and a coroner) claim to have seen his body.

"It's got to be one of the biggest cover-ups in history for a celebrity of his status... to have died and kept it quiet that long," he continued. No official provided any information about Morrison's death. There was only a sealed coffin and the word of the manager of The Doors, Christopher explained. He questioned how an American rock star was able to so quickly get a plot in Poet's Corner at the historic Père Lachaise Cemetery. Christopher also wondered why heart failure was listed as the cause of death when no autopsy was performed. "I think at 27 years old that's rare to have heart failure," he added. The weekend after his supposed death he was reportedly seen boarding a plane. Fellow band mate Ray Manzarek has suggested there were bags of sand in the coffin and Morrison may have headed to Africa to live off the grid.


Open Lines followed in the latter half of the show. Will in Sonoma County claimed to have worked at a non-profit with a woman who was in the apartment with Jim Morrison on the night he died. "She would never reveal just exactly what happened," he said. According to Will, the woman partied with many rocks stars, and was likely with Morrison when he OD'd at a club. She was one of the entourage that accompanied him back to his apartment. "She likes the power of knowing what really happened but she's not going to tell anybody," Will confessed.

Jeff from California commented on the deaths of singer-songwriter Tim Buckley and his son Jeff, who died around the same age a couple of decades apart. He wondered why there seems to be a conglomerate of mysterious deaths among the famous at that age. Joshua in Texas told Ian he interviewed an Air Force veteran who was dying of cancer and he admitted he had tracked UFOs. The objects he saw on radar could do things that modern military aircraft could not do, Joshua noted. The veteran also told him about large ships that hover in the sky covered by clouds. Joshua claimed to have witnessed such a UFO hiding within a cloud.

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