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Gun Rights & Laws / Near-Death Experience

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In the first half, economist and gun rights advocate John R. Lott discussed gun control issues and reacted to some of the new crime reduction proposals of the Biden administration. He suggested that the recent wave in crime and shootings in the US is associated with prosecutors in many urban areas declining to go after criminals. The vast majority of murders are done by people with violent criminal history, he pointed out, adding that most are drug gang-related and reoccur in specific, concentrated areas. One of the Biden proposals is to increase regulations and fees around "stabilizing braces" because in a recent mass shooting, the gunman used one to turn a pistol into a rifle. But Lott pointed out that such braces are designed for law-abiding disabled people, and this change would make it more costly and difficult for them to qualify, having to go through the same regulations as owning a machine gun.

Biden has also proposed directives to curtail the proliferation of "ghost guns"-- homemade firearms, as well as to add more regulations for guns manufactured with 3D printers. Lott said there weren't statistics showing that such weapons were generally associated with crimes. He was critical of background checks, citing that citizens are often refused because they have a similar or the same name as a criminal, and that the administrative fees can be prohibitive for impoverished individuals, who may need protection most.


Chiropractic doctor Mary Helen Hensley divides her time as a healer and seminar facilitator. In the latter half, she shared how a devastating car accident resulted in a dramatic near-death experience (NDE) that included a communion with otherworldly beings. In 1991, she was broadsided on the driver's side. At the moment of the collision, she left her body and watched her head smashing through the windshield as her neck broke. She noticed a special sound or frequency (a low droning) that kept her body tethered to the physical plane. Next, she felt surrounded by a "music of the spheres" and found herself in an entirely new space, where she realized there was a far greater magnitude to her existence.

Two benevolent beings came forward that she recognized as her guardian angels, who are always with us. "They had form but they were formless at the same time," she explained, and they lacked any specific religious connotation though they were deeply spiritual. They sat with her during her life review, she continued, that was enacted in a 360-degree panorama in which all her key memories played out simultaneously. "You realize that time isn't linear, and that's done for our comfort," she noted. Hensley said she was imbued with certain abilities when she came back, such as synesthesia and being able to medically diagnose people by touching them. Her NDE was not her first time encountering the ethereal though. She described psychic experiences in which she had heart-to-heart conversations with her deceased grandfather from an early age.

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