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Dr. Joel Wallach joined the first half of the show to discuss the remedies and supplements he recommends for various diseases and disorders. Conventional medicine is wrong, he asserted, in its reliance on prescription drugs and surgery; most of the conditions he mentioned were in fact the result of nutritional deficiencies of different types, and could be treated through dietary means. Osteoporosis of the skull is commonly behind many ailments as well, Wallach asserted. The truly effective treatments for the majority of the problems discussed involve cutting out foods containing gluten, oats, or sugar, and taking the supplements his company offers instead. The results are remarkable, permanent, and rapid, Wallach claimed: people who have had diabetes or heart conditions are greatly helped thanks to his treatments, and, properly administered, his health regimen can allow people to live to be up to 150 years old.

In the second hour, Wallach took calls from listeners who described their medical issues, identifying what he said were the issues at work and suggested treatments for them. For a caller from California with plantar fasciitis, he recommended the avoidance of harmful foods and the ingesting of his company's tablets. He advised a caller in Washington who was concerned about his mother's arthritis to get her another of his treatments. A Florida listener who asked about shingles was pointed toward Wallach's brain and heart packs and colloidal silver.


Master hypnotherapist and author Lesley Mitchell-Clarke works with experiencers/abductees in the recovery of their suppressed memories. In the second half, she shared the story of how she came to her profession, as well as the high strangeness revealed during regressions and her interpretation of recovered memories. Mitchell-Clarke related her experience as a teenager, when she and a friend encountered alien beings on numerous occasions on the street and in the sky. Her interest in ETs piqued, she underwent regression therapy as an adult, and afterward realized she wanted to work with experiencers and abductees as a career. "I'm here to help these people get in touch with what happened, process their experiences, and accept their new status," she said. Mitchell-Clarke also indicated that the vast majority of those she helps have genuinely experienced alien contact, with very few people being dishonest or mistaken about their ordeals.

Nor do most people report that their contact experiences were negative, Mitchell-Clarke explained, which is one reason she avoids the terms "abduction" and "abductees." This is true, she continued, despite the fact that she believes that most experiencers are implanted with step-up transformers, because the devices are actually beneficial to people. This may have to do with the fact that people chosen for alien contact are predisposed to communicate telepathically—a phenomenon that cuts across demographic lines. Mitchell-Clarke noted that in the unfortunate instances where alien experiences have been harmful, they're often part of a secret joint alien-human space program aimed at mind control of its subjects.

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