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UFO Visitations / Hat Man

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From his perspective as a UFO expert and former UK Ministry of Defence official, in the first half, Nick Pope discussed the recent UAP intelligence report from the United States' Office of the Director of National Intelligence to Congress. In contrast to many in the ufology community who expressed disappointment with the report, Pope indicated that he liked it because it was actually more revealing than he expected it to be considering its source. He also expressed confidence that in time, additional people, including government officials and military personnel, would come forward with reports that promised to be more extensive in their documentation and analysis. Ultimately, Pope predicted, we will one day see the President of the United States acknowledge that aliens have, in fact, visited Earth with the knowledge of many of the world's governments. The day will be remembered as a milestone in history, he said, on par with 9/11 or the JFK assassination.

Pope also shared some stories from his official and civilian careers as a researcher of UAP. Although he had no particular interest in the topic prior to his work in the British government, he noted, he was soon drawn to it simply because of its compelling nature and importance to humanity. The case that most stands out for Pope is the Rendlesham Forest UFO incident, which he described as the "perfect storm" of events. In response to accusations that he promotes disinformation through his work, Pope argued that since it's difficult to "prove a negative"—i.e., that he is not part of a government or shadow agenda—he can only accept the fact that such allegations are probably inevitable, and continue to work undaunted in the interest of the public.


In the latter half, author and podcaster Heidi Hollis explored the demonic entity known as the Hat Man, who gets his name from the descriptions by those who have encountered him. He's typically dressed in clothing of a bygone era, wearing a suit and sometimes sporting a pocket watch and carrying a cane. The Hat Man strikes mortal terror in those who meet him, specializes in pulling the soul from his victims, and claims to be the devil himself, according to Hollis.

Hollis related that the number of reports of Hat Man encounters have multiplied since the beginning of the pandemic, which she suspects may be due to our increased sickness, vulnerability, and depression about the current state of affairs. Creative or artistic people also seem to be favorite targets of the Hat Man, she explained, perhaps because they are more likely to be sensitive to their surroundings. Hollis's preferred method of warding him off is to wear a silver cross, and moving through her house while praying aloud and sprinkling holy water around her.

Former attorney Erika Buenaflor appeared briefly in the third hour to share her experiences as a scholar of Mesoamerican shamanism.

News Segment guests: Howard Bloom / Mish Shedlock

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