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Recovering from Curses / Open Lines

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During the first half of the show, author and healer Katrina Rasbold discussed curses, hexes, and crossings, and techniques and practices for recovering from them. Crossings can be deliberate or unintentional and involve the absorption of negative energy into one's energetic system, Rasbold explained. "A lot of my clients really are tripping themselves up and believing that it's someone else," she added. Hexes are spontaneous, like a flash of anger, and throw an enormous amount of negative energy at someone, she continued. According to Rasbold, curses are intentional and specific, and are often multi-generational since the negative energy gets into the DNA. A family curse follows genetic lineage, so adopted family members do not experience this kind of crossing, she noted.

Rasbold suggested prayer and meditation to avoid tripping up oneself with negative behaviors, and to stay grounded by physically touching trees and rocks to discharge negativity. Ritual cleanses can be used to drain negative energy. A citrus bath involves soaking in a tub with cut limes, lemons, and rosemary (for protection) to help cleanse a crossing. Rasbold also described how she conducts an egg cleansing. The client blows onto a consecrated egg to convey part of the energy into it, then the egg is rubbed over their body to pull out any negative energies. "Temporarily those negative energies are fooled into believing [the egg] is the client... we trap it in a jar until it dies off," she revealed. Rasbold recommended seeking professional cleansings to make sure it is done correctly.


Open Lines followed in the latter half of the program. A woman from Oceanside, California, phoned in to share a Ouija board story. She recalled having sleep paralysis as a teen and having friends over for a Ouija session in her room. One friend asked for a sign and a loud crash came from the closet as everything fell out of it, she recalled. The caller, who suffers with debilitating chronic migraines, believes something attached itself to her. "I still think I'm... being haunted," she said.

Louise in Louisville, Kentucky, revealed she is part of the royal ancient Egyptian bloodline and talked about her past life as Queen Nefertari, the favorite wife of Ramesses the Great. "I remember everything" about their love story, she told George. Nefertari is the only queen to have a temple built in her name, and on the wall beside the temple there is a love poem Ramesses II wrote for her, she explained.

Bill from Los Angeles lamented the lack of an honest media, calling it the root of the problem that people are having with the COVID vaccine controversy. He recalled the days when mainstream news programs were balanced, and has since stopped watching televised news and reading newspapers. "I just want somebody to look as an objective observer and tell me what's happening — I don't want their opinion," Bill noted.

The final half hour featured a replay of Jim Harold sharing some of his 'Campfire' stories.

News segment guests: Christian Wilde / Kevin Randle

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