Seal Team 6 Tragedy / Secret Bases & UFOs

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Seal Team 6 Tragedy / Secret Bases & UFOs

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In the first half, former Pentagon attorney Don Brown discussed the many questions surrounding the loss of 30 Americans, including SEAL Team 6 on August 6, 2011, explored in the new documentary, Fallen Angel. Ten years ago, a US Army helicopter carried SEAL Team Six members into the skies of Afghanistan. The elite fighting team boarded the Chinook —call sign Extortion 17— in the middle of the night on a mission to possibly capture or kill Taliban leader Qari Tahir, but the team and its crew never reached their destination. It was very clear there was a cover-up involved in what happened, Brown declared, adding that the incident may well have involved criminal negligence. The official explanation was that a Taliban-controlled rocket (RPG) shot the helicopter out of the sky.

Among the crew were some Afghan commandos, and the Taliban may have infiltrated them. They could have tipped off the Taliban as to the chopper's mission and location, Brown suggested. There also could have been a shootout aboard the helicopter or an internal explosion, he continued. Several months before the incident, SEAL Team Six was credited with killing Bin Laden, and it's possible "there was a bounty on their heads" after the Obama administration revealed their involvement, Brown commented. He believes further evidence for a cover-up is the redacting of witnesses to the event in military reports, and the mysterious disappearance of the chopper's black box with the cockpit voice recorder.


In the course of his research, military fiction writer Mack Maloney discovered numerous places all over the world similar to Area 51. He shared details on secret bases and evidence for UFOs, as well as his work on strange anomalies, creatures, and hauntings. The US Navy has a super-secret base in the Bahamas called AUTEC, where they test nuclear submarines. However, Maloney revealed this base, in the heart of the Bermuda Triangle, has been a locus for both UFO and USO sightings-- in some of the underwater incidents, the unidentified craft were said to be moving at very high speeds.

The mysterious M-Triangle in Russia is an isolated forested area, where for some time, only the Soviet military was allowed to enter. According to documentation he uncovered, it was routine to see UFOs and balls of light in the sky. The wild animals were described as strangely friendly; others reported being cured of diseases there, and in one case, a journalist was said to become suddenly versed in astrophysics after a two-week stint, and within two years, became a cosmonaut. The UFO Trail of Chile is another remote place where UFOs and strange lights in the sky are seen regularly, he added. Maloney also shared tales of the Murderous Goatman in Maryland, the Blood Beast of North Carolina, and a man-eating tree in Madagascar.

News segment guests: Dr. Peter Breggin, Catherine Austin Fitts

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