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Ancient Mysteries & Anomalies / Spirit Guides & Ouija Board

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Billy Carson is the founder and CEO of 4BiddenKnowledge Inc, and 4BiddenKnowledge TV, as well as an expert host of Deep Space, an original streaming series by Gaia. In the first half, he discussed ancient mysteries, the secret space program, the release of the Unidentified Aerial Phenomena report, and his work studying anomalies. He and his team have cataloged some 60,000 space anomalies, he reported. "We're trying to bring proof forward that there was an advanced ancient times on these other moons and planets in our own solar system. Plus, we believe there may still be some type of life now, potentially on Mars, maybe even Venus, and Titan, a moon of Saturn," he explained.

He spoke about his study of the Emerald Tablets, an ancient text possibly written as far back as 36,000 years ago and attributed to Thoth, who, according to the ancient Egyptians, ruled over the land of Kemet for 14,000 years. The tablets are a kind of training guide to look within, and for humanity to unify in order to fend off dark forces, he detailed. He plans to visit the Sphinx in Egypt's Giza Plateau within a few weeks, filming for his 4BiddenKnowledge TV. An ancient papyrus depicts Thoth in a UFO landing on the back of the Sphinx. The great monument is characterized as a kind of landing pad for Thoth's vehicle, he cited. Carson also talked about his newer book, Woke Doesn't Mean Broke, about gaining financial literacy and how having abundance can go hand-in-hand with spiritual concepts. 


In the latter half, spirit communicator Karen A. Dahlman talked about the art of channeling through working with spirit guides to obtain higher wisdom and consciousness, as well as her longstanding practice with the Ouija board. Her guides include entities she calls the Guardians, whom she considers a different type of being from an angel. While they don't project individual facial features, they radiate a strong sense of love, she noted. Dahlman considers channeling to be a natural function-- a means of communication between sentient beings, which can be done consciously, in a trance state, or somewhere in between. In addition to one's voice, channeling may be conducted through automatic writing, scrying, cards, and the Ouija board, as well as through creative forms like art and music.

To contact one's "higher self," which you can think of as your own built-in spirit guide, you can use a writing technique, asking questions and then receiving answers from your native infinite wisdom, she detailed. Dahlman also recounted some of her communications with the dearly departed, including beloved past Coast guest, Rosemary Ellen Guiley, whom she believes shared messages with her through the Ouija board. Describing her experience in the afterlife, Guiley reported: "It's constant and consistent and perfectly understandable. It starts with the constant link to source. It's beyond anything you can imagine to speak with God every moment and to be secure in the lap of love." While the use of the Ouija has been stigmatized by some, Dahlman considers it as a kind of "cosmic telephone" to the other dimension. She has an extensive collection of them and has posted a gallery of unique Ouija boards sent in to her Creative Visions Publications.

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