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Date Host George Noory
Guests J. Marvin Herndon, Major Ed Dames

Originally trained as a physicist, J. Marvin Herndon earned a Ph.D. in nuclear chemistry and received post-doctoral training in geochemistry. In the first half, he shared his contention that geoengineering helped create some of the dire wildfires, droughts, and other grave damage to the planet over the past few years. He believes aerial spraying (chemtrails) is a "deliberate attack on Earth's environment," and the particles from them cause global warming. A toxic byproduct, coal fly ash, is the main ingredient in the aerial spraying, he has concluded, and its overall effect is surface warming and the inhibition of rainfall, which contribute to the rise in forest fires.

He referred to this as a "diabolical" agenda, and traced it to an international treaty (ENMOD) instigated by the United Nations and signed by 90 countries in 1978 (the treaty was developed to ban environmental modification techniques, but Herndon claimed it has been used for the opposite purpose). In addition to chemtrails, he cited gain-of-function viruses, nanoparticulates, transhumanism, deliberate earthquakes, and harmful electromagnetic radiation as other methods used to weaken the population. By making people sick, and causing agricultural failures, a globalist entity can more readily take over a country like the US, he warned. For more, view related graphics he shared with us.


In the latter half, remote viewing teacher, Ed Dames, presented new information coming through his agency. He also gave updates on such topics as the solar kill shot, martial law, economic collapse, and Bigfoot & UFO contact. According to his team's remote viewing, there is a false flag attack planned near the Ministry of Defence headquarters in London (view aerial image), which will falsely implicate Iran, and could be used as a pretext for the US, UK, and Israel to stage a retaliation attack on Iran. The US petrodollar is on its last legs, Dames added, and for America to extend it as the world currency, they need to engage in another war.

Speaking of his Project Starman, which explores anomalies like Sasquatch, aliens, and UFOs, he reported that there are ET robots on Mars, which create some of the genuine crop circles on Earth. "The Tic Tac (UFO) phenomenon and Bigfoot are related to an underground sea mound," he revealed, which is situated 100 miles northwest of Easter Island in the Pacific. Located there are interdimensional entities, who purposefully present conundrums like Sasquatch and UFOs so that humans can expand their consciousness, he explained. A global reset is being engineered by the "New World Order," he continued, with crypto or digital currency replacing money worldwide as their endgame. For more, check out Ed's 'Remote Viewing Master Tips' Zoom workshop on Saturday, September 18th.

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