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Treating Chronic Pain / Afterlife Communication

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Adjunct assistant professor at USC, Alan Gordon, is the founder and executive director of the Pain Psychology Center, where he oversees a team of twenty-five therapists. In the first half, he discussed his cutting-edge protocol for treating chronic pain, which can persist for months or years. Gordon revealed that he was a chronic back pain patient at one time, and tests showed he had disc bulges or herniations, which doctors associated with his discomfort. Yet, he later discovered that it's not unusual to have such wear and tear on the discs and that "many forms of chronic pain are not actually caused by structural problems in the body but rather learned neural pathways in the brain." Eventually, he was able to overcome his pain by changing the way neural circuits were firing in his brain. While people's experience of pain is genuine and not just "in their head," he elaborated that it's often due to the brain misinterpreting signals from the body.

According to his protocol, one of the first things they do with patients is to determine whether their pain is due to an actual injury to the body, like a fracture, rather than the kind of "neuroplastic" pain they're able to treat. Neuroplastic pain is perpetuated by the "fear and preoccupation" around the sensation, he explained. Their central technique, somatic tracking, teaches the brain to reinterpret the sensations through the lens of safety, which deactivates the pain. The mainstream medical community looks at chronic pain as something that can be managed but not cured, and "that is just not true," Gordon remarked. More on their "pain reprocessing therapy" and somatic tracking here.


In the latter half, C2C investigative reporter Cheryll Jones shared her interview with author Suzy Ward about her profound contacts with her deceased son, Matthew, and how she documented his telepathic messages in a series of books. Matthew died tragically in 1980, but 14 years later, Ward began to channel extensive information from him about God, the afterlife, other civilizations, including ETs, as well as current and historical events here on Earth. One of his main messages is that "love is the key" to leading the best life, and though the world is in havoc, if we exude such qualities as kindness, gratitude, and honesty, we can raise the planet's vibration.

In addition to her communications with Matthew, Ward has also channeled messages from members of "highly evolved civilizations...including a Reptilian fleet commander" (like humans, the Reptilian species has both good and bad players, she noted). Some of the various off-world civilizations are helping Earth to a dramatic degree, she remarked. For instance, "they have prevented more than a dozen attempts of nuclear warheads detonating in space," as well as clearing damaging toxins out of our air," Ward claimed. "Entire civilizations are beaming massive amounts of light to Earth to help the people awaken and to raise the vibrations of the planet itself," she continued. Around 80 years ago, she told Cheryll, the planet was in such a weakened condition that we might have been destroyed if it hadn't been for these beings' massive infusion of light.

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