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In the first half, Troy Anderson, a Pulitzer Prize-nominated investigative journalist and author joined the show to talk about how the predictions in the Bible are playing out in the current era. He recalled first becoming interested in biblical prophecies when, as a child, he began to study the work of poet Friedrich Schiller and author Hal Lindsey; as an adult, a Bible prophecy conference he covered for his news job led him to study the topic in greater depth. His interest was well-timed, he noted, because "Across the board, it's almost like everybody is wondering what is happening. There seems to be a global awakening that's occurred in the last five or ten years."

Anderson discussed several current topics and their connection to biblical prophecy, many of which are the subjects discussed in his books. His concern about a one-world government, for example, was addressed in the Babylon code found in the Bible. The mark of the beast foretold in the book of Revelation, he went on, could be referring to present-day systems of tracking and surveillance. The rise of artificial intelligence could even point to the possibility that the Antichrist could be a type of AI-powered entity, he speculated. For people concerned about how they'll fare in the full-blown cataclysm to come, Anderson recommends his Military Guide to Armageddon. He also offers multi-day trainings called Battle-Ready Ministries on preparing for the end times.


As founder and director of the Palmistry Institute in Los Angeles, Vernon Mahabal combines astrology with palmistry to make predictions. In the latter half of the show, he explained palmistry—analyzing the palms of subjects' hands in order to make predictions about their lives—as being nearly identical to astrology in practice, except that it's more intuitive. He also described the two-tiered system of astrology that he draws upon in his work: the ancient vedic cosmology of India, which addresses a person's emotional and psychological aspects, and Western astrology, which deals with external situations like jobs or places to live.

A remarkable amount of information about someone can be found through reading their palms, Mahabal continued. The creases on one's palm, the size of the hand's features, and even which hand (left or right) is being read all reveal different things. "The entire destiny is on the hand," he asserted. A subject's future career, relationships, and dimensions of their personality can be determined by a good palmist, along with how long they will live and potential health issues.

In the final hour, Mahabal took calls from listeners, "reading" their palms over the phone. Among the callers was a man in South Carolina who asked about a false accusation against him. When he confirmed that he could bend the little finger of his left hand so that it touched his palm, Mahabal assured him that he would win his case in court. After a Nevada caller wondered whether she would get married, he advised that, based on her description of a line below her fingers, marriage was "not in her hand." Mahabal asked a listener in Arizona to tell him which joint of the middle finger on his right hand was the longest; when he responded that it was the bottommost segment, he was told that he was meant to live off the land rather than to pursue more materialistic ambitions.

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