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Recovered UFOs / Messages from God

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In the first half, civil rights attorney Daniel Sheehan shared his contention that the US military has recovered more than one crashed UFO, which they've been deconstructing and back-engineering. He recounted how he came to legally represent Luis Elizondo in his complaints against the US Defense Department over its handling of the UFO issue over the years. Elizondo was a US Army counterintelligence officer who directed the now-defunct Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program that studied UAP. Sheehan admires Elizondo for trying to disclose UFO information to the American public, reminiscent of the controversies that activist Daniel Ellsberg faced when trying to reveal the Pentagon Papers (about the Vietnam War) in 1971. 

The Pentagon wants to keep recovered UFO technology secret, and monopolize it for weaponry and their own purposes, Sheehan asserted, rather than use it for new or free forms of energy that would upend the oil industry and the vested interests behind it. UFO technology, he added, would also help combat the crisis of global climate change. Advanced ET civilizations have realized they cannot directly interfere with species' choices, as this would thwart their evolution, Sheehan noted. And when UFOs' demonstrated they could shut down our nuke facilities, he continued, that was to send a message that they have this capacity but want humanity to choose to eliminate this destructive technology themselves.


Neale Donald Walsch is a modern-day spiritual messenger whose work has touched the lives of millions. He has authored over thirty books on contemporary spirituality since he began writing questions to God on a legal pad. In the latter half, he shared how he first came to hear the voice of God and discussed his latest work on the growing problem of humanity's alienation. We all have the ability to speak with God at any time, he stated. In his case, he heard an actual physical voice, but for others, it may come in a different form, like "the chance utterance of a friend on the street, the words on a billboard as you're driving around the city, or the lyrics of the next song you hear on the radio." For Walsch, he was surprised by some of what God said, which differed from his Catholic upbringing, such as there were no Ten Commandments.

While surveys show that eight out of ten people worldwide believe in a God or higher power, our society remains divided or broken, and people cannot agree on what this higher power represents. There are over 4,000 different religions on Earth, Walsch pointed out, but "if we could just agree on a simple statement...about who and what God is [like 'God is love'], it could change everything." If our understanding of God is mistaken, this will negatively affect how we treat each other, and that, unfortunately, is the state of the world now, he added. And yet, the pandemic has proven to be a learning opportunity to bring the world together, Walsch commented. This September, he'll be giving a keynote presentation at the Conscious Life Expo in Los Angeles.

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