Sirhan Sirhan & RFK / High Strangeness

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Sirhan Sirhan & RFK / High Strangeness

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Political Science Professor Paul DeBole was present during Sirhan Sirhan's parole hearing on Friday, August 27th. In the first half, he discussed details in the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy and why Sirhan Sirhan may not be guilty. Because of his academic research into the case, DeBole got permission to attend the online parole hearing, along with 11 other people, including Sirhan, Robert Kennedy Jr., and Robert Kennedy III. During the hearing, Sirhan said he had no memory of the 1968 shooting but was very emotional in his testimony, said DeBole. The board ended up recommending he receive parole, but the decision still has to be approved by the California governor. 

The evidence showed that Sirhan had brought a revolver into the Ambassador Hotel and fired two shots, DeBole recounted, but the prosecution at his trial asserted that he fired an additional six shots as he was being tackled down, and these bullets all hit people (even though he could no longer aim). Audio experts who listened to a recording of the incident estimated that some 13 shots were fired, which indicates there was a second gunman. Because of this, and the fact that the LAPD destroyed some evidence, DeBole thinks there were grounds for reasonable doubt or that Sirhan may have just been guilty of attempted murder. He also updated his work on the JFK assassination, and evidence that Oswald was an intelligence operative. 


Author and Fortean researcher Justin Bamforth has been investigating paranormal and high strangeness for over 20 years. In the latter half, he talked about such phenomena as Men in Black (MIB), doppelgangers, premonitions, phantom crashes, UFOs, and paranormal hotspots. He recalled his own strange premonition experience that took place while he was waiting to return equipment at a cable company's customer center. He was suddenly overcome by a feeling of dread that something was about to happen to his car. Just then, an individual came into the store, apologizing to him for hitting his car. But it turned out the man had hit a different customer's car. Regarding cases of MIB (or what Bamforth simply calls "strange people,") he shared a New Zealand woman's account of two odd joggers in the park, where the motion of their arms and legs did not match their speed. Each time the woman and her son (who were walking their dog) paused, the joggers would suddenly stop.

Bamforth suggested that certain locations seem to be a window for paranormal activity that can cycle in and out. He also cited cases where there are biological or inexplicable effects after UFO close encounters (which Luis Elizondo has referred to as the "sixth observable" trait associated with UAP). Sometimes witnesses experience poltergeist activity after their UFO encounters, or need to be hospitalized. In instances of phantom crashes (where a person hears a loud crashing sound but finds no sign of disturbance), Bamforth believes these episodes might be triggered by what he calls a "stress-induced psychokinetic discharge."

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