Energy & Space Concepts / Alien Implants & Visitations

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Energy & Space Concepts / Alien Implants & Visitations

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In the first half, former professor of mathematics and physics, James McCanney, discussed gaining energy and water independence, the energy grid and crumbling infrastructure, ideas for space stations, and an update on Planet X. He described his concept for a space hotel launch system-- tubes that could house hotel rooms or manufacturing (view related graphics). His patented wing generator, he believes, "will solve the world energy problem by converting wind" into electricity and could be built on a large scale to replace coal or nuclear power plants. As you make the units bigger, he explained, the cost per unit of electricity goes way down (a mock-up of the wing generator is the second image in his provided graphics).

McCanney, who creates water filters, talked about combating water and chemical pollution, particularly PFAS, which gets into the water table. The best solution is to filter the water at the point it's being used rather than trying to remove it from the ground, he suggested. Regarding Planet X, McCanney now believes that rather than an unidentified body on the far edges of our solar system, it was actually the nucleus of comet Hale Bopp, initially discovered by astronomer Robert Harrington back in the 1980s. Knowledge of it was hushed up, as at first it was thought the comet would come much closer to Earth, he said, adding that it came closer to Earth's orbit some 4200 years ago.


In the latter half, chemist specializing in materials science, Steve Colbern, talked about his research into alien implants and his analysis of these strange objects. As an abductee himself, he believes Grey aliens placed several implants in him in order to monitor his medical data. As part of his research, Colbern partnered with the late Dr. Roger Leir, who extracted a metallic foreign body from his toe, around the size of a grain of rice. Testing of the object showed it had 58 different elements, he detailed, and its general composition was similar to a class of nickel-iron meteorites, possibly from another part of the galaxy entirely. Anomalous magnetic fields were found in objects in Colbern's yard and home, and during hypnosis, he recalled UFOs hovering over his property.

Picking up on Dr. Leir's techniques, Colbern uses a stud finder to scan people for implants. The common device works well to discover any small metal objects under the skin, he noted. As to how alien implants are powered, he theorized they might work off of zero point energy. He also discussed his research with Patrick Jackson looking into a worldwide network of alien spheres or probes, which Jackson suspects may be responsible for most paranormal activity. Colbern has concluded that the Greys are part of an alliance of seven similar alien species. Their agenda, he continued, includes mining the Earth system for rare resources, accumulating and modifying human DNA to make us more acceptable to the galactic community, and developing a race of hybrids.

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