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Marxist Agenda / Vegas & The Mob

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In the first half of the show, retired U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel Robert Maginnis joined guest host Richard Syrett (Twitter) to reveal how Marxist ideas have infiltrated America via 'elites' and their globalist allies, and could produce a radically different nation. Maginnis described Karl Marx as a satanic proxy who flirted with the dark side and was known as an apostle of evil. "[Marx] was disgusted with the world... and he had this malevolence against everything around him," he said, noting Marx's positions against God and capitalism.

According to Maginnis, leaders who advance socialistic ideas often rise in power to become dictators or, at minimum, authoritarians. "The new authoritarianism from the Left... is radically transforming [the United States]," he suggested, adding this kind of liberalism ultimately leads to a decline in liberty. Socialism, or nationalizing resources, does not work, and is merely a mechanism to advance Communism, Maginnis continued. "Jesus was not a socialist," he remarked, adding "capitalism is not in the Bible... but behaviors consistent with biblical principles that make up capitalism are."


Next, author Geno Munari discussed the story of the Dunes Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas — a tale of different operators and Mob-associated characters. Munari started at the Dunes in 1968, left for a short period, then returned and worked there until 1976. "It was a magical place," he recalled, noting the people who operated the Dunes were "real gamblers, not pencil pushers." The Dunes was owned by legitimate legal gamblers from St Louis, who knew how to book and had operations across the country taking bets via Western Union, Munari explained. "They were around mobsters their whole lives but they didn't come out here as hidden owners for mobsters to open the Dunes," he revealed.

Munari traced the development of the Dunes to movie theater owner Al Gottesman, who had acquired land in Las Vegas with Rhode Island bookmaker Joe Sullivan. They got investors, built the hotel and casino, but had a tough time making it profitable, he reported. "If you don't have capable people watching a casino, you can't make any money," Munari said. Businessmen Major A. Riddle and Jake Gottlieb took over the operation in 1956 and had great success at the Dunes, he continued. Munari also commented on the relationship between Gottlieb and Teamsters president Jimmy Hoffa, who supposedly gave Teamsters fund money to Gottlieb to buy hotel properties in order to unionize the staff so Hoffa could gain control of that sector of the economy.

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