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God's Judgment on America / Open Lines

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Does an ancient mystery hold the secret to the events of our times, and the future of America and the world? Ancient mystery expert Jonathan Cahn joined guest host Richard Syrett (Twitter) to examine the harbingers that befell ancient Israel, how they parallel recent events in America, and point to God's judgment on the nation. The last days of ancient Israel provide a biblical template of nine harbingers leading to what happens when a nation is under judgment, Cahn revealed. "Those same harbingers have now appeared in America," he said, adding "the way they've appeared in America in recent times is exactly the way they appeared in ancient Israel."

Cahn referenced Isaiah 9:10 which speaks about falling buildings and trees — a harbinger he believes was fulfilled in the 9-11 tragedy. Years before judgment a warning comes, and the enemies of a nation are allowed by God to make a strike, he explained. One of the biblical signs of national judgment is the withering of a tree, Cahn continued, noting the "Tree of Hope" (planted near Ground Zero as a symbol of America's resilience) died. The tree was struck down on a Hebrew holiday, Passover, and that night the moon turned blood red, he reported.

According to Cahn, when judgment comes to a nation its powers are struck and the foundations of those powers are exposed. On 9-11, the Pentagon, symbol of America's military strength, was struck down (and on the day of its birth, September 11, 1941), he disclosed. "The warning is that America's powers, and its rise to world power, is all predicated on God. If you cut off God... then those powers will crumble, including the military superpower and the age of America will come to an end," Cahn said. He also pointed to how America's economic power was struck on 9-11 with the attack on the World Trade Center. He noted Henry Hudson discovered what would become New York City aboard his ship, Half Moon, on September 11, 1609, and a replica of that ship was sailing in the city's harbor on 9-11.


Open Lines followed in the latter half of the program. Paul in British Columbia wondered about the existence of black-eyed adults after having a bizarre encounter at a local strip mall. According to Paul, as a black car drove slowly by him, he locked eyes with the passenger whose face did not look human and whose eyes were entirely black. "This individual slowly turned their head to look at me, and I'm looking right into the person's eyes... those eyes were black," he recalled. Paul believes the black-eyed person acknowledged him with a wave, and may have been vibrating at a different frequency.

Reggie from San Francisco suggested we are living in a simulation. "It kind of hit me like a ton of bricks," he said. If we are in a video game like simulation, what is on the other side and who is controlling the simulation, Reggie pondered. Reggie wondered about what the creator wanted for the outcome of the simulation. Randy in Arizona shared a vivid dream he had a few years ago in which he watched a female lion wearing a red leash walk through the darkness with what appeared to be a spotlight on it. According to Randy, he became the lion and rubbed against another lion, while hearing God say, "Don't worry, I will not let you fail."

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