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Inside Exorcisms / Investigating Mothman & UFOs

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Msgr. Stephen J. Rossetti, Ph.D., is the President of the St. Michael Center for Spiritual Renewal and a research associate professor at the Catholic University of America in Washington, DC. A licensed psychologist and the author of several books, Msgr. Rossetti has participated in hundreds of exorcisms. In the first half, he shared details about exorcists, various exorcisms, and the nature of demons. While in his early years as a seminarian, he was lying in bed when he felt "an incredibly powerful spiritual force attacking me" that was lightning fast. He immediately reached over and grabbed his rosary beads, and the attack stopped. He noted that demons can move at the speed of thought, but they are often vanquished or repulsed by holy objects such as the Eucharist. 

He said every diocese in the Catholic Church is supposed to have an exorcist, but only about half of them do in the US. A common question he asks people who believe they're possessed is if they have unexplained bruises or scratches. "Sometimes...Satan burns an upside-down cross on a person," Rossetti reported. What the demon is saying is that "this person belongs to me. I claim this person through this blasphemous upside-down cross mocking the cross of Jesus." Of the cases he's presented with, a significant percentage (30-40%) have psychological problems, so they are referred to a psychiatrist instead, though a prayer is still conducted for them. The St. Michael Center offers an app (Google/IOS ) that contains prayers, including those delivered by exorcists.


In the latter half, C2C's investigative reporter Cheryll Jones presented her interview with paranormal investigator and experiencer Margie Kay, who delved into such topics as winged aliens, UFOs, Mothman, and remote viewing. Kay has investigated cases of high strangeness in Kansas City and the Missouri area. She described a remarkable UFO incident that occurred during a UFO flap in Kansas City in 2011. Multiple people saw a very large craft (in five different locations), and a green mist was emitted that appeared to put one of the witnesses in a trance, she recounted. According to the testimonies, the UFO turned on its side, revealing its base, which seemed to be living and moving. Then, stairs came out of the craft, and two of the men taking photos experienced missing time, and Kay suspects an abduction took place.

She told Cheryll that in 2012, she received her first report of a Mothman sighting in Missouri, and since then, she has collected some 70 accounts of other mysterious winged creatures such as Batman, pterodactyls, Thunderbird, and tiny fairies. A witness who reported seeing a Mothman on four occasions discovered he had an episode of missing time when he was driving his vehicle. The top of the car had a strange substance on it, and Kay was able to have DNA tests conducted on it. She appeared live in the last hour to report the results of the testing. The lab analysis showed it was negative for humans and moths but positive for brown bats. There were also odd scratch marks and indentations on the top of the car, and anomalous magnetic and EMF readings, she said. For more, visit Margie Kay's Facebook page.

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