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In the first half, founder of the Hollywood Ghost Hunters and horror movie stuntman Rick McCallum talked about his work in both realms, which sometimes cross paths. The idea for his Ghost Hunters group, in fact, came to him one night while he was looking for paranormal activity in a prison where he was working on a film. Although McCallum acknowledged that ghost hunting is generally fun as well as interesting, he explained that it's not always pleasant. On a visit to a castle in Ireland, for instance, he suddenly experienced great pain in one eye and found himself staggering and unable to stand. After the pain subsided, he learned that a duel had taken place at the castle long ago, where one of the participants was shot through the eye.

Author Andrea Perron also joined the program to share the story of growing up in the Rhode Island farmhouse upon which the movie The Conjuring is based. One of the daughters of the house's owners, Perron related some of the unexplained activity she and other family members observed there. Her appearance on Coast to Coast, she revealed, also coincided with her return to the property for a 72-hour livestream she was hosting. The spirits this time around seemed different, she went on, possibly because she was now an adult, or perhaps due to the fact that several other families have lived in the house since, which may have tempered the spirits' overall disposition toward people. While she conceded that most of The Conjuring was a fictionalized account of the events that occurred at her home, Perron asserted that the truth of what happened there was stranger than the film could capture.


The second half of the show featured the annual Ghost to Ghost Open Lines, where listeners were invited to share their own stories of encounters with spirits, apparitions, and other spooky beings. Mike in Arkansas told of a fundraiser he decided to hold in an old abandoned hospital, which he quickly discovered to be haunted. After consulting with professionals, he learned that the place was packed with spirits, including a legendary "blue nun" known to locals. Nevertheless, he reported, the fundraiser was a success.

Calling from Idaho, Jo recounted her experiences with a small, semi-opaque entity who engaged in mischief in her bedroom while she slept. With the help of an elder in the community, she said, she was able to help the mysterious being leave her home. Though she described her visitor as "a happy little soul" who didn't particularly frighten her, she indicated that she was glad he had relocated.

James in Virginia added his account of being left at home with his siblings as a child when the front door opened on its own and mysterious footsteps were heard throughout the house. When his parents returned, they informed the terrified children that the house was formerly inhabited by a satanist. Tragically, James explained, the evil that remained in the home affected his father, who went from a happy and pleasant man to an abuser.

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