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Ghost Tales & EVPs

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Connie Willis (info) hosted this year's live Halloween show. In the first hour, author and researcher Anthony F. Sanchez recounted a few haunting encounters with the the dead in Colorado's Hotel Boulderado. Given the hotel's reputation for paranormal activity, including reported sightings of a ghostly "lady in white," Sanchez said he was especially intent on conducting an investigation there. Accompanying each of his stories was a recording captured with the Minibox app he designed. At different points in the recordings, different voices could be heard saying things like "Demons live here," "Please go," and other unnerving messages Sanchez attributed to demonic presences at the hotel.

Sanchez also introduced EVP audio taken by his colleague Steve Huff, which took on a different tone. As opposed to the menacing demeanor of Sanchez's subjects, Huff's recordings seemed to reveal the presence of angels who told him "There is light here."


"Paranormal Pete" Orbea joined the show in the second and third hours to talk about his experiences with the paranormal in the historic town of Port Gamble, Washington. He shared a number of EVP audio clips he gathered with a Ghostbox on the local Ghost Walks he leads. From the Walker Ames mansion, for example, Orbea played a clip of a voice calling his name, as well as one in which a female voice seems to say "Hey there." The sounds of footsteps, doors closing, and bottle caps falling to the floor in the town doctor's home—recorded while the location was locked—were also heard in the clips Orbea played.

In the final hour, celebrity guest Don Most, best known for his role as Ralph in the long-running TV series Happy Days, showcased his theatrical training by reciting a few of his favorite haunting poems: "The Raven" by Edgar Allan Poe and "The Witch" by C.S. Lewis. George Noory also made a surprise appearance near the end of the show with a recording of his rendition of Poe's "The Tell-Tale Heart."

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