Pete Orbea

Pete Orbea


Pete Orbea, known as Paranormal Pete, leads the popular Ghost Walks in the historic town of Port Gamble in Washington state. He also has coordinated the Port Gamble Ghost Conference. He became interested in the paranormal and spirits at age seven after witnessing two Native American warriors appear and vanish while on a road trip with his grandparents in northern Arizona. The intrigue of the paranormal was peaked again during his college years while working at the historic Egyptian Theater in Boise, ID which was a hot spot for paranormal activity.

After joining the Olympic Peninsula Paranormal Society in 2013, he started to realize his capability of speaking with spirits. Since then, he has been trying to help people through psychic readings and investigations in Kitsap County.


Past Shows:

  • Ghost Tales & EVPs

    Researcher Anthony Sanchez shared recordings of EVPs, followed by "Paranormal Pete" Orbea on his personal encounters with ghosts. In the last hour, Don Most and surprise guest George Noory recited haunting poems.More »

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