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In the first half, former criminal defense attorney and legal analyst Mark Shaw shared updates on the connections between the JFK assassination and the life, times, and mysterious deaths of Marilyn Monroe and Dorothy Kilgallen. Reporter and TV star Kilgallen had more or less "proven that JFK's death was orchestrated by Carlos Marcello, the New Orleans don, and then covered up by J. Edgar Hoover," he stated. Marcello's Mafia empire extended from Louisiana to Texas, and it was estimated he had $300 million in assets. Shaw recently accessed an overlooked 50-page FBI file about Marcello's wealth and control, and this reinforced his theory that he was involved in Kilgallen's death in 1965 in order to prevent her from pointing a finger at him for JFK's death. Further, by 1968, Marcello's empire had extended even more, and this might have been an impetus for him to have Bobby Kennedy killed, as he likely would have gone after the Mob if he was elected president, Shaw conjectured.

President Biden recently delayed the public release of papers about the JFK assassination, citing a postponement due to possible harm to the military defense, intelligence operations, law enforcement, or the conduct of foreign relations. Shaw found it unlikely that such operations would be affected by the release of decades-old material, and wondered whether members of his administration were giving Biden bad advice. Even if these documents were made public, Shaw questioned how legitimate they would be, as they likely could be a product of the Warren Commission, which he considers a whitewashing that sought to back the single gunman theory. Hoover also pushed the Oswald explanation, Shaw added, because he didn't want people to think that a major conspiracy plot got past the FBI or that the true killers were still out there.


In the latter half, author and metaphysician Maren Muter talked about karma, spirituality, and how to open up frequencies to the other side of the veil to access memories and communications. She described the afterlife or other side as being beyond love and a source of great compassion that comes from both the happiness and pain of the lives we've lived. Consciousness is a kind of awareness, she continued, "and once it's outside of the body (the human vessel), the thought process might look differently because it's all different frequencies up there." We play out karma all the time, Muter commented, but she doesn't relate that to our past lives. "I believe that every life is absolutely complete," she added, and we're not reincarnating to make up for something we did in a former life.

We are presented with an array of possibilities and trajectories in our lives, some of which play out, while others fall to the wayside. But Muter contends that all of these outcomes occur, though as human beings we can only focus on the one outcome we are living in. "Every trajectory we are on believes that's the only one we are on," she explained. She also discussed her intriguing project of burying letters in glass jars in the woods and uncovering them nearly 40 years later. The letters contained her observations and poetry written as a child, some of which were eerily predictive about her later life. One of them presaged her son's suicide, who suffered from PTSD after serving as a military ranger.

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