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Jon Sumple of j3FILMS is the director and one of the producers of the new documentary film, Extraordinary: The Revelations. In the first hour, he discussed the approach he took to the subject of the historical significance of extraterrestrial presence. The film is targeted to people who many not have been exposed to the topic, Sumple explained, adding it provides context for phenomena that has been documented as far back as 40,000 years ago in cave paintings. "People when they see this film will be entertained, they'll be engaged, and it will provoke a lot more questions for them to explore on their own," he said. According to Sumple, there are three paradigms that define the alien agenda: ascension (ETs are here to upgrade us), colonization (ETs are here to take over), and biblical (ETs are in the Bible and are repeating what has happened in the past). "Which one is right we don't know," he noted, suggesting there may be components of each view that are correct.

During the second hour, writer and producer Marc Zicree (Related Photos), talked about The Twilight Zone, his new episode commentaries, and other genre projects. Zicree produced 52 audio commentaries to accompany the Blu-ray release of The Twilight Zone. His new project aims to do the remaining 104 episodes. Supporters will download an app that will deliver audio commentaries twice a week, Zicree revealed, noting Twilight Zone alums such as Bill Mumy and Veronica Cartwright are also participating in the project. He commented on "A Carol for Another Christmas" (1964), a rare Rod Serling film now streaming on HBO Max. "It's really like a 90-minute Twilight Zone episode," he said. Zicree has proposed a new TV show about Serling and his unmade scripts based on Serling's own Dictaphone recordings. He has also spoke about his new book, Greenlighting Yourself, which provides advice to those who wish to break into the entertainment industry, as well as his inspiring sci-fi adventure show, Space Command, which he produced via $3 million in crowd funding support.


Open Lines followed in the latter half of the program. Mary from Tampa, Florida, shared a petrifying experience she had at 16 when she was living with her parents in New York. According to Mary, hers was the only bedroom upstairs, and one night she was awakened by the sound of snoring in her darkened and locked bedroom. She attempted to turn on her nightstand light but would only move slow enough so as to not make the bed squeak. Mary estimated it took her 90 minutes to scoot across the bed and turn on the light. "I didn't see anything, I didn't see anybody," she recalled. Mary admitted after further examination the snoring sound aligned perfectly with the noise coming from an oscillating fan in her room.

Tom in La Jolla, California, told George about some of his favorite genre movies directed by Richard Donner, including Superman (1978), Conspiracy Theory (1997), and Timeline (2003), which he described as his favorite time travel movie. Timeline, based on the Michael Crichton novel of the same name, follows a group of graduate students in the 20th century who are transported back to 14th century France to look for their professor. "Fourteenth century France is very scary, I mean people died by the sword horribly," he said.

The final half hour featured a replay of Dr. Lynne Kitei discussing the Phoenix Lights.

News segment guests: Joshua P. Warren / Kevin Randle

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