Jon Sumple

Jon Sumple


Researcher and documentary filmmaker Jon Sumple is one of the men behind the films "Extraordinary: The Seeding" and "Extraordinary: The Stan Romanek Story."


Past Shows:

  • ETs & Sci-Fi TV / Open Lines

    Director Jon Sumple discussed his new documentary, Extraordinary: The Revelations, which explores the extraterrestrial presence. Next, writer and producer Marc Zicree talked about The Twilight Zone and his latest genre projects. Open Lines followed in the latter half.More »
  • Abduction Experiences / Open Lines

    Filmmakers Jon Sumple & Jack Roth discussed their documentary about abductions and alien reproduction experiments. Open Lines followed.More »

Last Night

Zimbabwe UFO Encounter / Haunted Montana Ranch
Zimbabwe UFO Encounter / Haunted Montana Ranch
Documentary director Randall Nickerson discussed the Zimbabwe students who reported an alien craft landing at their school in 1994. Followed by paranormal investigator Tim Wood on the hauntings at Montana's Gunslinger Gulch.
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