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Egyptian Pharaohs / Consciousness & Psychic Energy

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Author and speaker Kara Cooney is a professor of Egyptian Art and Architecture at UCLA, specializing in craft production, coffin studies, and ancient economies. In the first half, she discussed the ancient Egyptian pharaohs and their dynastic rules. The reign of ancient Egypt lasted 3,000 years, a span of time that is somewhat mind-boggling to Americans, whose country is less than 250 years old, she pointed out. Khufu (2609 BC - 2584 BC), the pharaoh who built the Great Pyramid at Giza, did so as a testament to his authoritarian reign. But it was Khufu's father, Sneferu, who went through the trial and error of building smaller pyramids during his earlier reign, she revealed. Cooney estimated that it probably took around 25 years to create one pyramid, with a stone placed every two minutes. 

Egyptologists still don't understand how these architectural wonders were constructed, and she believes it was intentional to keep the process secret. Rather than receiving aid from ETs to make the pyramids, Cooney suggested that the pharaohs wanted observers to think their "50-story mountain of stone" was superhuman as a way to enhance their own status as a deity. Ramses II, known for his military prowess, could be thought of as a "celebrity king" and was one of Egypt's most revered leaders, she noted. Yet his penchant for nepotism lead to a civil war years after his rule when his descendants fought over the throne. The Sphinx was built during the 4th Dynasty, and she believes it represents Khufu (rather than his son Khafre, as other Egyptologists have argued). For more, check out Cooney's podcast Afterlives


In the latter half, attorney, remote viewer, ufologist, psychic detective, medical intuitive, and energy healer, Nancy du Tertre, talked about the state of human consciousness during the pandemic. She also addressed such topics as psychic energy, dreams, and transhumanism. During the pandemic, people have increasingly turned to electronic means to communicate, such as Zoom, but we have lost a certain energy by not dealing with others in person, she said. This reliance on technology is cutting us off from each other, she added, and could be paving the way for transhumanism and AI. She's concerned that human consciousness may take a backseat as AI agents become smarter, teach themselves tasks, and possibly surpass us in intelligence.

Yet, AI robots may not match us when it comes to psychic abilities, du Tertre commented, so that is one area humans should work on developing. Toward that goal, she advocated for the notion of "exoconsciousness"-- the ability to connect or communicate with ETs and multidimensionals, which could help expand our awareness and mental capacities. She described her energy healing technique-- rather than trying to pull out bad energy or pump in positive energy, she sends out "energetic blueprints for optimal health" that her clients can either accept or reject on their own accord.

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