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Occultist researcher Kaedrich Olson grew up in a haunted house and attending seances at his parents' church. "It was a normal part of my life," he revealed, noting his esoteric studies via psychic development classes, books, and spiritual teachers (he called "The Whsiperers") equipped him to deal with paranormal issues and encounters. According to Olson, Hollywood's portrayal of the paranormal in films and television is not accurate. "It doesn't work that way," he reported, noting the strange activity associated with a haunting is typically much tamer in real life than what viewers see in movies, and disturbing issues related to the paranormal can often be easily alleviated.

"I've encountered things that people thought were demonic," he continued, adding so-called demonic activity is simply a misinterpretation of regular paranormal activity. The demons from classical demonology that have arisen out of Judeo-Christian beliefs were actually considered beneficial deities in pre-Christian cultures, Olson explained. He cautioned about the importance of mindset when dealing with paranormal entities since whatever emotional state one is in is what they will draw to themselves. "Similarities attract and perpetuate," Olson said. Should you feel fear kick in try to laugh — laughter is one of the highest vibrations of energy that can be produced by the human body, and is poisonous to negative entities, he disclosed. Olson also recommended looking at a paranormal experience with "awe and wonder" instead of fear as it will produce a higher vibration from which low-level forces will flee.


Open Lines followed in the latter half of the program. Morris in Buffalo, New York, told George about a childhood paranormal experience he had at home during a thunderstorm. According to Morris, a lightning strike caused the power to go out. "It was pitch black in there and then all of a sudden I saw five spirits," he recalled, noting they were dressed in late 19th century clothing. Morris admitted he was not scared, and "[the spirits] were amazed that I was able to see them." He believes lightning opened up a portal through which the spirits entered our dimension.

A police officer from Huston who wished to remain anonymous recounted strange experiences he had late at night in his barracks in 2005. He remembered being unable to see his reflective gear as if there was a presence blocking it from his view. Electronics would also stop working, and it got so creepy that he would no longer sleep in the barracks. Later, in 2009, the anonymous caller revealed he noticed a shadow on the wall of his kitchen that did not match what he was doing. "I seen a light shadow go up the wall, like to the ceiling," he said, noting these experiences continue to happen to this day.

During the new 'Ask George' segment, Stacy wanted to know if George considers himself a crooner in the style of Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, and Nate King Cole. George revealed he learned how to sing by listening to these artists' records. Kenneth asked about the end of universe to which George suggested it is without end. Rick was curious how early George arrives at the studio before a show. According to George, he often arrives early afternoon and stays until he is done with the live broadcast early the next morning.

The final half hour featured a replay from 9/1/2016 when Jason Quitt and John Titor talked about time travel.

News segment guests: Sandra Champlain / Kevin Randle / Tim Binnall


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