History of Giants / Alien Abduction

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History of Giants / Alien Abduction

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In the first half, world explorer and author Hugh Newman joined Connie Willis (info) to discuss his work on giants, which consistently leads him to local accounts of extremely large human skeletons —even entire graveyards of them— discovered in Britain and North America. Extensive evidence of giants is out there, he argued, if researchers are willing to dig deeply enough.

Among the conclusions Newman has drawn from his research is that many well-known ancient sites, including Stonehenge, the Egyptian pyramids, and large structures in Peru were in fact built by giants. Their disappearance as a species may be due to their interbreeding with humans, and even because they may have been used as warriors on the front lines of battle, he suggested.

As to why this evidence of giants is not acknowledged by governments or mainstream journalism, Newman speculated that religious or political agendas of the past and present may be at work. Manifest destiny in the United States or British imperialism, for example, may have promoted the dismissal, suppression, or even destruction of accounts by indigenous or conquered peoples of the existence of giants. More recently, he noted, evidence like bones and teeth have been lost by or disappeared from museums under questionable circumstances.


In the latter half, UFO researcher and author Dr. Irena Scott shared her findings on a 1973 alien abduction case in Pascagoula, Mississippi. As she details in her book on the incident, Charles Hickson and Calvin Parker claimed to have encountered a 30-foot flying object emitting blue light one afternoon at a local fishing spot. Creatures aboard the craft led them inside and examined them, they recalled, before returning the two men to the dock where they were taken. Over 50 sightings of UFO activity in the area were reported that night, along with a very loud sonic boom-type sound, said Scott.

Scott also discussed the role of scientists and other mainstream academics in the study of UFOs and additional phenomena. It's her belief, she related, that while many scientists, including herself, have had UFO or other paranormal encounters, they don't report their experiences for fear of ridicule by their peers, loss of professional credibility, and even losing their jobs. Nevertheless, she continued, her interest in such phenomena has informed many of her professional experiences, including a visit to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, where she unexpectedly found herself in the building designated for UFO cases.

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