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Time Travel / Intuition & Consciousness

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Marshall Barnes, research and development engineer in advanced concept science and technology, has a long history in the entertainment, technology, production, and video industries. In the first half, he discussed his research on time travel, which he says is on the verge of becoming a reality. "This isn't theoretical anymore," he declared, and if you travel back into the past, "you're ending up in a new parallel universe copy of an era that already took place." This kind of travel is a type of "discontinuous" connection, and if you were to make changes in that parallel universe, it would not affect our reality, he explained. Barnes noted that his focus is on visiting the past rather than the future, which he added is what most people prefer.

Specifics of his technology cannot be revealed to the public because of national security concerns, he claimed, as there are aspects that could be weaponized. Barnes listed five discoveries that support the idea of time travel to the past, including time slips, dimensional portals, synchronicities, apports (objects disappearing and then reappearing at a later time), and 'stone tape recordings' (events recorded by the environment as in certain kinds of hauntings). All of these concepts point to the idea that "information is part of reality" and can be stored and played back. Barnes also spoke about his open letter to Elon Musk, which outlines how threats to the future can be alleviated by time travel to the past.


Bridget Finklaire is an author, spiritual teacher, psychotherapist, and hypnotherapist. In the latter half, she shared her work on intuition, and how we can expand our consciousness. We live in a duality, she said, in which we have both a greater self, and a smaller self. The expression of our greater self, which could be thought of as our divinity, can be blocked or obscured by the smaller self or ego, she indicated. There are some 24 dimensions, Finklaire revealed, and there are various pathways into a place of light at the top; this is our spiritual journey toward ascension or enlightenment and "plugging into a higher divine mind."

Consciousness is everywhere there is creation, she commented, and there are beings inhabiting a higher realm than us, some of whom exponentially grow outward and upwards. She characterized intuition as listening to the "still small voice within." This voice can take the form of inspiration or knowing and may occur when your mind is not focused on anything specific such as when taking a walk, she detailed. "Intuition is really our true north and compass," and comes from our higher self, she continued. It can function as a form of precognition, and she teaches people to tap into it at will. For more, check out Bridget Finklaire's YouTube channel.

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