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Christian mystic TruthSeekah joined guest host Richard Syrett (Twitter) to discuss supernatural encounters and the spiritual realm. TruthSeekah recounted an encounter he had at the age of four when he awoke in sheer terror to discover two shadow entities holding him against his bed. He recalled being too scared to move or speak, and credited the frightening experience with changing the trajectory of his life. "I believe that encounter marked me to pursue this path, and to look into the deeper things and to know that there's something behind the veil at play," he said, noting "they come to mark people who are supposed to something big in life... to deal with spirituality."

TruthSeekah outlined his view of the spiritual realm, which includes seven layers of heaven and seven layers of darkness, and the Earth as a training ground. Some supernatural teachers, such as lower level entities or so-called demons, are harder on us than other guides, he explained. TruthSeekah shared a story about stealing a video game from a warlock who summoned an entity against him. "It looked like... an eight foot tall camel made out of the blackest and darkest of nights," he revealed, adding it knocked him to the ground then vanished. TruthSeekah also talked about the process of cutting ties with the dark side and the journey to retrain his mind, as well as his music which tackles topics including spirituality, aliens, and UFOs.


Richard asked callers to share their Christmas ghost stories during Open Lines in the latter half of the program. Aaron in Saskatchewan, Canada, recounted a remarkable tale involving late comedic actor John Candy. Aaron described a dream-like experience from 2015 in which he was chatting with Candy, who was part-owner of the Toronto Argonauts prior to his death in 1994. Candy told him about a Christmas card he sent to his staff and players in 1991, when he first joined the team as an owner. "A week later in the mail I got this Christmas card that had no return address, it had a 41-cent stamp which Canada hasn't had since around 1991," Aaron said. It was signed by John Candy and authenticated by someone who worked for Toronto Argonauts, he added.

A caller from Pollock Pines, California, told Richard about strange activity her family experienced while residing at an old saw mill site. According to the caller, her family would often hear the sound of truck doors inexplicably slamming shut. The caller said she visited her family at the site, heard the sound of slamming doors, and saw what appeared to be a bearded ghost looking in the window at her. Abby in Gig Harbor, Washington, recalled the time she and her sister had lost a friend who died from infection after contracting the flu. The sisters were sleeping in their room one stormy night when what they thought was a bolt of lightning flashed through the window. They both then witnessed their deceased friend sitting on the dresser. "I felt like she was protecting us from that storm that night," Abby said.

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