Enlightened Dog Training / Saturn & Prophecy

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Enlightened Dog Training / Saturn & Prophecy

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Meditation teacher and dog trainer Jesse Sternberg joined Richard Syrett (Twitter) to reveal the secret language of the animal kingdom and offer commonsense solutions to everyday canine behavioral problems. According to Sternberg, traditional obedience dog training fails to account for something which Sternberg believes is fundamental to dogs. "I think what's missing is that dogs have feelings... they make feelings, actually, they're a lot more sophisticated than we are in their emotional intelligence," he said. Sternberg further suggested there is no need to train a behavior. "On a farm or nature we're not training animals' behaviors, we're connecting with them, we're working with them, we're in sync with them," he added.

The reason dogs misbehave is out of an abundance of strong feelings that cause them to act out, Sternberg continued, noting dogs' brains are in their hearts. He revealed how dogs use calming signals to communicate with each other. "These guys are talking to each other, and they're never not talking to each other," Sternberg noted. The way a person becomes a peaceful 'alpha' to a canine companion is to earn the status by benevolent action which quells their fears and tempers their excitement, he explained. One must be present with a dog without triggering confrontation, while at the same time keeping emotions in check and creating trust, Sternberg advised.


During the latter half of the program, researcher Derek Gilbert discussed the return of the god Saturn, his names throughout history, and related biblical texts. Gilbert pointed to the Winter Solstice of 2020 when a conjunction called the Great Mutation occurred between Jupiter and Saturn. This was the closest observable conjunction between the two planets since the year 1226, he added. "The significance to astrologers and new agers is they believe this signals a move to a new phase of reality," Gilbert said, noting many influential people believe their fortunes are influenced by the movement of planets.

"This was essentially a transfer of power back to... Saturn of the Romans, Cronus to the Greeks, El of the Cannanites, and his return to the netherworld," he continued, pointing out the conjunction heralded the beginning of the new golden age of Aquarius (which is ruled by Saturn). Gilbert believes the god Saturn is an actual entity. "The early church understood that the gods of their pagan neighbors were fallen angels," he said, listing Baal, Zeus, and Jupiter as real entities. The earliest known identity of the god Saturn is Samyaza, the leader of a rebellion and chief of the Watchers, Gilbert explained, adding he was described as the destroyer and king over those in the pit. He also covered Bible prophecies regarding the final judgment.

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